Wuling District

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Wuling District is located in the lower reaches of the Yuan River with a typical humid subtropical climate. It is an ancient historical and cultural city, the seat of Changde Municipal Government, and the political, economic and cultural center of Changde City and even Northwest Hunan province. The main urban areas have Changde Poetry Wall, Baima Lake Cultural Park, Dingling Park, Wuling Pavilion, Changde Museum, Hefu National Forest Park and other scenic spots.

The topography of Wuling District is dominated by hills and flatlands. Hefu mountain is the only large mountainous areas in the territory. The lakes in the territory include Baima Lake and other major rivers, including Chuanzi River, Yinyuan River and Sanlv River. The Chuanzi River is 17.3 kilometers long and is a ring of Changde City water system.

It is the central area of Changde City with four distinct seasons. Its average annual temperature ranges from 16.5°C to 17.5°C. Governing two villages, one town and 11 street administrative bodies, it covers a territory of 296.50 square meters and has a population of 460,000.

It is a well-known “land flowing with milk and honey” near South of the Yangtze River. It has a three-dimensional transportation network comprising air, water and land. The National Highways G319 and G207 run through the whole district. There six expressways (Changsha to Changde, Changde to Zhangjiajie, etc) here. It benefits from a convenient air traffic network with direct flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Haikou. Railways lie across it from east to west and connect it with the Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. A convenient waterway reaches as far as Shanghai and Chongqing via the Dongting Lake. With the additional regional advantage of developed communications, it is the economic and cultural centre in the Northwest of Hunan Province.