Jinshi City

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Jinshi City, which belonged to Jingchu Land in ancient time and was built along the Lishui River and named for being established as a city close to Jin, has always enjoyed the reputation of “Jiangnan Pearl & Jiuli Gateway”. In 1949 it was built as a city and in 1988 it was established as a provincial municipality under the management of Changde. Now it has jurisdiction over 4 towns, 5 sub-district offices and 1 high-tech development zone, with a total area of 588 square kilometers and a total population of 233,400. Urbanization rate reaches 67.7%, ranking in the forefront of the province. It is a national health city, a provincial garden city and a provincial civilized city. In 2020 the annual GDP of Jinshi reached 18.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 4.6%; industrial added value was 6.31 billion yuan, up 7.5 %; social fixed assets investment was 10.97 billion yuan, up 20.1%; revenue in local general public budgets reached 532 million yuan, up 9.6%; total retail sales of consumer goods reached 7.04 billion yuan, up 1%; per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reached 38,305 yuan and 18,449 yuan, up by 7% and 9.5% respectively.

Jinshi City owns a rich cultural heritage. It is the hometown of Meng Jiangnv and Che Yin. The stories of “Meng Jiangnv bringing down the Great Wall with tears” and “Che Yin’s reading by the light of fireflies” are widespread and have become precious intangible cultural heritage. Yaoshan Temple, Zhongwudang Taoist Temple and Longshan and Daxi Cultural Sites 300,000 years ago are well-known in China. Huzhuashan Paleolithic Site has been announced by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection unit.  `

Jinshi City has a strong industrial foundation. In the 1970s, it was a famous industrial town in northwest Hunan. At present, in Jinshi City there are more than 300 industrial enterprises, 16 newly-added scale industrial enterprises, 98 enterprises settled in the micro ecological health industrial park, forming competitive industries such as auto parts, biological medicine, food, salt chemical and textile. Zhongyi candy and “Snow” salt brand are famous all over the country and Zhongyi jelly and Hongying “Plum Blossom” saccharifying enzyme are well-known trademarks in China.

The traffic in Jinshi City has been improving day by day, with Erguang Expressway’s crossing Jinshi’s boundary, Censhui Bridge’s opening to traffic, Anchi Expressway under construction, Lishui No.2 Bridge and Jingang Avenue opening to traffic. The Lishui River Scenic Belt, Wuhuan National Fitness Center and Sanhu Park have been updated. A number of civic projects have been issued, such as New Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hualong Kindergarten. Jinli New City has attracted provincial and municipal party committee in decision-making. Jinshi City’s traffic and location advantages have been gradually highlighted, and the flow of people, logistics and information in the city will accelerate agglomeration, which means Jinshi City has ushered in a rare opportunity for development.