Dingcheng District

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Dingcheng District belongs to Changde City of Hunan Province, formerly known as Changde County, which became Dingcheng District in 1988, consisting of 18 towns, 4 streets, and 4 agriculture and forestry farms. It lies on the west shore of Dongting Lake, covering an area of 2340 square kilometers with a population of 83 million, including 65.5 million agricultural population, the proportion of which is 78.9%.

The geographical condition in Dingcheng district is excellent, with hills in the north and south, and plain lakes in its east and center. The annual average temperature here is 17.4, and the average annual rainfall is 1348.3mm. The soil here is paddy soil, red soil, purple soil, Chao soil, etc., which is fertile and rich in organic matter, good for paddy-rice, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, rape, and sesame, etc.

Dingcheng District is a typical agricultural region famous for grain and oil, the output of which is in the top three in Hunan Province, and in the top 100 in China, so it is 1 of 10 “National Leading Counties of Grain Production in Hunan Province”, granted as the “Model County (District) of Grain Production in Hunan Province” for seven consecutive years. Its total grain output has remained at 700,000 tons, and the rapeseed, over 150,000 tons.

The reform programmes, including the reform of convergence media, rural collective property institution, the medical service, etc, were pushed forward and the restructuring of government administration was finished. Dingcheng District has forcefully strengthened the intellectual property protection, which is granted as the model county in the construction of the intellectual property protection in Hunan Province.