Lixian County

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Lixian County is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, on the west bank of the Dongting Lake and the lower reaches of Fengshui River. It is named after Lishui River that runs through the whole territory. The county has jurisdiction over 15 towns and 4 streets, with a total area of 2,075 square kilometers and a total population of 914,200. It is a national commodity grain base county, a national high-quality cotton base county, a national top 100 counties in rapeseed production, a national agricultural sustainable development experimental demonstration zone, a national standard grape cultivation demonstration base, a national comprehensive reform pilot county for new urbanization, and a national comprehensive reform pilot for small and medium-sized cities County, National Health County, Township of Chinese Poetry, Civilization County in Hunan Province, Garden County in Hunan Province, Economically Strong County in Hunan Province, and “Ten Fast-forward Counties” in Hunan Province.

Development Highland of Prehistoric Civilization

The Chengtou Mountain site in the territory is the oldest, richest, and most fully protected ancient city site discovered in China so far. It has advanced the history of Chinese civilization for more than a thousand years and has been rated as one of the top ten new archaeological discoveries in the country twice. Its restoration picture was made into a model and exhibited in the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo under the title “China’s Earliest City”. The prehistoric cultural sites in the Liyang Plain with Chengtou Mountain, Pengtou Mountain, Jijiaocheng, and Basidang as the core are actively applying for World Cultural Heritage.

Treasure Land with Rich Natural Resources

Lixian County has four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. The hills and Pinghu Lake are distributed from west to east. It has the largest alluvial plain in the province, most of the Liyang Plain. Modern agriculture has outstanding characteristics, rich in rice, cotton, oil, grapes, and oranges. It enjoys the reputation of “Hometown of Fish and Rice” and “Turpan in the South”. The territory is rich in mineral resources and 32 kinds of minerals have been discovered, among which mirabilite reserves are 466 million tons, which is the largest and highest quality mining area south of the Yangtze River.

Strategically Important Place in Dongting Lake Area

Lixian County is located in the geometric center of the five cities of Changde, Yueyang, Zhangjiajie, Yichang and Jingzhou. It is 80 kilometers away from the Golden Waterway of the Yangtze River. Railway (Zhicheng, Hubei to Liuzhou, Guangxi), Lishui Channel and other major traffic roads run through the county. The pace of Jinli New City is accelerating. The Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone approved by the State Council clearly proposes that Jinli New City should be cultivated as one of the five central cities in the Dongting Lake Area.

As a vibrant industrial base, in 2020, the county’s total regional production value was 38.6 billion yuan, an increase of 4% over the previous year; the completed fixed asset investment increased by 17.8% over the previous year; the total retail sales of consumer goods was 17.9 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.6% compared with the previous year; the completion of general public The budgeted income was 1.985 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3% over the previous year, and the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 33,262 yuan, an increase of 4.7%. The per capita disposable income of rural residents was 19588 yuan, an increase of 8.7%. The overall economic strength of the county has been continuously improved, and it has continued to maintain the rank of the province’s economically strong county.