Liuye Lake Tourism Resort

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Situated in the northeast part of Changde City, Liuye Lake Tourism Resort was built in 1993, and its Party Working Committee and Administrative Committee were founded in 1999, which are the department-level agencies of Changde Municipal Party Committee and Changde Municipal Government. It covers 582,646 square kilometers after the adjustment of administrative division in 2008, consisting of Baihe Town, Liuye Lake Street Office, and Qiliqiao Street Office, altogether 28 villages (communities), and the population of permanent residents here is more than 80000.

There is a great advantage in the ecological environment of Liuye Lake Tourism Resort. It is the kind of compound tourism resort that integrates mountain, water, garden, and city, enjoying the reputation of “Rare in China, and one and only in Hunan”. The lake covers 21.8 square kilometers, and its water quality is III or above all the year round. The 42-kilometer “most beautiful marathon circuit” is around the Liuye Lake. Taiyang Hill, the last peak at the east part of Wuling Mountains, with forest coverage reaching 96%, is the natural ecological barrier because there are more than 1300 plant species, including 33 rare species.

The cultural heritage here is profound because it is one of the important birthplaces of China’s ancient civilization, Jingchu and Huxiang culture, and Yu Qiao (fisher and woodcutter) culture in Dongting. The Lengend of Liu Hai Cutting Firewoods is originated from this area, and Qu Yuan the poet, Li Po and Meng Haoran (contemporary poets living in Tang dynasty) sang the poems while they were wandering around the Liuye Lake. It is also the birthplace of Yang Sichang (the Head of the cabinet in the Ming Dynasty), Kun Can(the famous painter in the Qing Dynasty), Liu Fuji (the brains behind Wuchang Uprising). Liu Yuxi, the famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, created more than 200 poems when he stayed at Langzhou, including his famous Lyrics of Autumn: Longs ago, Sad to meet autumn. /However, I prefer it to spring. /In such blue sky, A crane flies over the cloud. /Also make my thought go with her.

The tourist industry in Liuye Lake Tourism Resort is flourishing. It became a national tourism resort in 2020, and it is rewardwd as “the Most Popular Tourist Destination in China”, “China's Best Ecological Tourism Resort”, “Beautiful China—Top 10 Popular Lakes”. Visionland became a national 4-A scenic spot. Liuye Lake International Marathon was certified by the IAAF World Track and Field Championship. In 2020, Liuye Lake Tourist Resort received 2.1 million tourists and the revenue from tourism is close to 12.4 billion.

Liuye Lake Tourism Resort has favorable industry foundation. Changde has been intensifying efforts to open up, to strengthen the city, and to establish its industrial base. The investment attraction, esp. the big draw, is the most important, so a lot of projects have been built, including Visionland, Changde Happy Water World, Datang Sima Town, Xiangya Changde Hospital, Changde Junde School, Changde River Street, Jinjiang Hotel, Changde Cloud Computing Center, etc. 96 funds and private-equity managers haved settled in Liuye Lake Zero2IPO Fund Town, which has been established for three years, becoming the important financing sources for the local enterprises which collected funds for almost two billion RMB. Therefore, it has become the “the best fund town in China”.