Xidongting Administrative District

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Xidongting Administrative District is located on the west bank of the Dongting Lake. It covers 110.35 km² and has a population of 49,900. It governs one town and two sub-district offices and contains 20 administrative departments. West Donting Administrative Area possesses the following four advantages:

1. Distinctive features. 1) Distinctive system. Xidongting was originated from the State-owned Xidongting Farm built in 1955. In 2000, according to the official document (No. 4, 2000) issued by Provincial Party Committee of Hunan, Xidongting Administrative District was set as the detached organization of Changde City, which functions at county level. In 2009, Changde set Xidongting Food Industrial Park and in 2012, it was upgraded to the provincial level. In 2014, it was renamed Xidongting Biological Science and Technology Industrial Park. Therefore, currently this area integrates the committee, farm and park into one simplified and efficient system.  2) Distinctive culture. When the farm was built in 1955, the first reclamation generation of 30,000 people came from 23 provinces, 205 districts or counties, and contains 11 ethnic groups. So, this area is rooted in a reclamation history and enjoys a culture of openness and inclusiveness. 3) Distinctive sceneries. The area has a wide expanse of flat land and forms a checkerboard pattern: farmlands in square, roads in networks, trees in lines and canals in chains. The southern and northern part of this area respectively has a large lake and enjoys a unique scene of water and land.

2. Advantageous location. Xidongting Administrative District is located at the center of Minzhu Yangchengyuan (a protective embankment) which has a population of 460,000. It is 9 km from the Haozigang dock of Li River to the west and 20 km from the Potou dock of Yuan River to the south. The provincial road S224 connects the Changsha-Changde highway in the south and is 47 km from Taizimiao interchange. The provincial road S224 intersects the Yueyang-Changde Highway at this area and is only 10-minute drive from the Guangdong-Guangxi Highway. This area is 20-minute drive to the urban area of Changde City and is the most important satellite city within the 30-minute commute circle of Changde.

3. Solid foundation. 1) Numerous development platforms. Since 2012, this area has been entitled National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Area, National High-tech Xidongting Biological Science and Technology Industrial Park, National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, National Rural Industrial Convergence Development Demonstration Park, National Steel Structure Fabricated Residential Pilot Area, and Provincial Industrial Concentration Area, Provincial Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area. These high-level platforms laid a solid foundation for the further development of this area. 2) Complete infrastructure. In recent years, over 3 billion yuan has been invested to improve the infrastructure of water, electricity, roads, gas, and the internet. Sewage treatment plants, waste transfer stations, secondary passenger stations, provincial science and technology incubators, food inspection and testing centers, county-level first-class hospitals, city-level demonstration primary and secondary schools, three-star hotels, modern cinemas and large shopping malls are all equipped with complete infrastructures. 3) Solid industrial foundation. There are 128 industrial enterprises in this area, including 61 industrial enterprises above designated size, forming a new pattern of one dominant and one featured industry with biotechnology and food industry as the dominant industry and new material industry as the featured industry.

4. Robust development. In recent years, Xidongting has focused on industrial development, accelerated the construction of rural revitalization demonstration region, put forward the integration of the three industries, and promoted the continual and fast development of the economy and society. In 2020, this area achieved a regional GDP of 3,788 million yuan and invested 4,247 million yuan of capital assets. The local general public budget revenue reached 259 million yuan. The total output value of large-scale industries reached 10.5 billion yuan, and the tax paid by large-scale industrial enterprises reached 53.579 million yuan.

In the future, Xidongting will adhere to the route of high-quality development, vigorously implement the “one-two-six” development strategy according to the decision-making and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, focus on the development orientation of fostering the northeast area of Changde City as the center, and strive to build a pastoral satellite city dominated by biotechnology and a rural revitalization demonstration area led by intelligent agriculture.