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The Church of Changde

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  The Christian Church of Changde was first established in the twenty-eighth year of Guangxu’s reign (1902). In Changde, it can be Pided into different types, such as: Lutheran, Anglican, Holiness Church, Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Presbyterian. The Presbyterian Church often sent ministers to Changde.  Among them were the nurse practitioner, Dr. Logan, who changed one of the original property’s name to “Guangji Clinic”(the predecessor of Changde No. 1 Hospital).   There they started to cure the sick with western medicine. That was the beginning of western medication in Changde. After having been closed for more than 30 years, the Christian Church of Changde reopened in Dec. 1984. On Christmas day of that year, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee of Christian association was founded. The spread of Catholicism began in the fiftieth year of Kangxi’s reign of the Qing Dynasty (1711). The Catholic Church of Changde had been completely closed during the Cultural Revolution. In 1988, for the convenience of management, the Changde Catholic Administrational Committee was established. In May 30, 2000, the Catholic Church in Changde was finally set up.



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