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Road Accident

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  Railway accident refers to train accidents caused by derailment, collision, explosion or fire, resulting in injury to humans and damage to property.
  When derailment, fire or explosion occurs on a train, passengers should stay calm, follow the instructions of the security staff to evacuate orderly and take initiatives in assisting rescue operations.
  When the train begins to wobble violently and is likely to derail, you should firmly  hold fixed objects such as tables, chairs, rails, or bars beside or near you. Do not move along the aisles. Take care of the old, children, the sick and pregnant women. Protect your head and other vital parts of your body.
  When the train derails, you may break the train window with the emergency hammer to escape.
  When a fire breaks out, passengers close to the fire should adopt emergency measures to put out the fire. Other passengers should cover their mouths and noses with wet towels and evacuate in an orderly manner.
  When the accident happens in an area where there are electric power cables, pay attention to the power lines overhead while escaping through the train windows.
  When the accident happens on a railway bridge, be careful when jumping out of the train.
  When the accident happens in an area with double railway tracks, you should jump off the train from the left to avoid the oncoming train on the other railway track.
  Passengers who have already escaped from the train should move away to a safe area to avoid secondary injuries.
  When it is urgent, do not try to save your property at the risk of your life.
  Do not jump off the train until it has completely stopped to prevent unnecessary injuries.
  Do not adopt measures that would put others in danger when escaping.
  Medical professionals or passengers who are knowledgeable in medical treatment should voluntarily assist in providing first aid to the injured.
  From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn



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