Vice Mayor Tu Bibo Supervises Pollution Prevention and Control

    Date:2019-08-08 Source:Changde Official Web Portal Fonts:[ large medium small ]

    On Aug. 7th, Vice mayor Tu Bibo visited Changde Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, Changde High-tech Zone, Taohuayuan Tourism Administration District and Changde Dingcheng District along with principal staff of Changde Municipal Ecological and Environment Bureau to supervise the work on pollution prevention and control.

    Tu listened to the report on the operating system in Sewage Disposal Plant of Changde High-tech Zone.


    Tu re-visited Chongtianhu-Majiaji River area in Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, Sewage Disposal Plant of Changde High-tech Zone, Shunxin Driving Training School in Taohuayuan Tourism Administration District, Shibantan in Dingcheng District and Wulixi Reservoir. All these places are considered as the key areas for pollution investigation and prevention.

    Tu points out that the related administration units shall push forward the pollution control in Chongtianhu-Majiaji River area by identifying responsibilities, strengthening coordination, and unifying the standard and that the pipe network construction in the sewage disposal plant shall be accelerated to make sure the plant can finish the required rectification on time. He stresses that the rectification plan of the two stone coal mining areas in Taiyangshan and Shibantan shall be completed as soon as possible and that the reservoir shall rectify according to the drinking water source criteria. He also asks the related enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility to bring the blue sky back to the world. 


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