Busy Construction on Hot days

    Date:2019-08-06 Source:Changde Official Web Portal Fonts:[ large medium small ]

    At 10 o'clock on July 30, the reporter came to the north side construction site of Yuanjiang super-large bridge of Changyi-Chang high-speed railway in Damiao Village, Ludishan Township, Wuling District. The huge slogan of "building Changyi-Chang high-speed railway with high quality" was particularly striking. Tankers, excavators, loaders and dump trucks shuttle between them. Under the scorching sun, workers wearing safety hats are busy working in an orderly manner.

    The construction of Changyi-Changsha high-speed railway is a matter of great concern to the people along the line. The Yuanjiang Bridge is not only a control and landmark project of Changyi-Changsha high-speed railway, but also a project initiated by Changde section of Changyi-Changsha high-speed railway on the north side.


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