Changde Introduces 43 High-level Talents from January to July

    Date:2019-08-26 Source:Changde Official Web Portal Fonts:[ large medium small ]


    This year, the Ministry of   Human Resources and Social Security in Changde has constantly innovated its   working mechanism and made great efforts to train and introduce talents,   devoted to providing solid talent guarantee for prospering the city by   implementing the open policy and developing industries.

    Until the end of July,   Changde has introduced 43 high-level talents, including 3 with senior   professional titles, 35 doctoral candidates and 5 with deputy senior   professional titles. Besides, 393 talents with full-time postgraduate degrees   and 21 technological innovation talents have also been introduced.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of   Human Resources and Social Security in Changde has also intensified the   training of highly-skilled talents and started new type apprenticeship and   technician training. A mobilization meeting themed with 2019 Changde   highly-skilled talents’ vocational skill improvement was held. In the   meeting, 10 enterprises and 79 outstanding individuals received a citation   with a 1.7-million-bonus reward, which manifests a solid progress in skill   improvement training. Till the end of July, 26,400 people working in   different fields have received training, and 6552 have passed the relevant   tests of governmental organizations and institutions.


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