Dai Daojin Investigates Taoyuan County on Rural Revitalization

    Date:2019-07-20 Source:常德政府网站 Fonts:[ large medium small ]

    On July 17th, an investigation team led by Dai Daojin, vice chairman of Hunan People’s Political Consultative Conference, investigated Taoyuan County on the improvement of living environment and other projects related to rural revitalization. Peng Mengxiong, vice chairman of Changde People’s Political Consultative Conference, accompanied the team in the investigation.

    Dai Daojin observes the tea growth in ecological tea garden in Yanwuxi Village.


           Yanwuxi Village of Taoyuan County is an exemplary village of Beautiful Countryside Project. Focusing on Se-rich tea plantation, the village has created its own tea brand Chunfeng (Spring Summit), and offered over 1,200 jobs. The development of the tea industry has also pushed forward the infrastructure construction of the village, which has easy access to safe water and internet connection. Dai visited one ecological tea garden and drank the Se-rich tea. He encouraged the village to explore more in making tea plantation the pillar industry locally.


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