Craftsmanship Spirit Sparkles in Changde

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           On the morning of April 25, the theme activity of “Craftsmanship Spirit in Changde” was officially launched by Publicity Department of Changde Municipal Committee and the Municipal Union. This activity is themed on “Great Work, Honourable Craftspeople”. Journalists of mainstream media in Hunan Province gathered in Changde and were going to give special reports on front-line stories of Changde’s model craftspeople.

    Zhu Deyuancreating things on wood, spreading skills by hand

    Taoyuan wood carving was originated during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in wood carving, Zhu Deyuan has always devoted himself to passing on exquisite craftsmanship.

    Zhu Deyuan,the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in wood carving

    Bai Niao Chao Feng (All Birds Worship the Phoenix) , Zhu’s latest work

    “This work, named Bai Niao Chao Feng (All Birds Worship the Phoenix), has many birds on it, and each one of the birds has a different posture and its own expression. So it is not easy to present every bird’s posture exactly,” Zhu told the reporter.

    As Zhu’s latest work, Bai Niao Chao Feng needs successive procedures, like coloring and polishing, to make it more vivid and lively, with the initial framework carved.

    To complete a good piece of wood carving work requires a craftsperson to handle more than 120 carving tools and endure continuous work lasting hours by the desk. Meanwhile, he or she has to identify tools, like yuandao (circular knife), pingdao (straight knife) and xiedao(slant knife), and master skills in using circular engrave, relievo, openwork and flat carving.

    It requires long-time and intensive focus and years of accumulation for a craftsman to accomplish a lively and visual piece of carving work formed in one step. Therefore, Zhu attaches high importance to cultivating inheritors. And these years, he has taught more than ten apprentices, who are now in Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province.

    “I have learned wood carving skills from Mr. Zhu for twenty-plus years. He pays much attention to every detail in the pursuit of perfection. His works are amazing and the craftsmanship spirit in him is worth much respect and admiration,” Zhu’s apprentice Li Zhongxin said.

    In 2007, Zhu Deyuan was hired as the chief wood carving technician in Changde Xianglian Wood Co., Ltd. As an inheritor in “Taoyuan Craft” of wood carving skills, he has made great achievements in integrating essence of “Taoyuan Craft” of wood carving skills with creation and maintenance of traditional wood-made houses and ancient architecture, which represents a good combination of historical features and modern crafts. In this way, traditional “Taoyuan Craft” of wood carving skills has kept up with the new era with its innovation in inheritance and development.

    Zhu Deyuan said, “I have always upheld the spirit of a craftsman and a model worker, never giving up, and committed myself to traditional culture succession. In the future, I shall still try my best to carry forward craftsmanship spirit and traditional Chinese culture.”


    Xiang Yang: skillful hands brewing fine liquor

    Deshan Liquor Corporation, established in 1952, is the first brewery in Hunan Province since the People’s Republic of China was founded. The quality of its wine is honored as “the strongest liquor in flavor of Hunan Province”.

    Xiang Yang, a technician of national first level, is the director of No.1 Brewing Workshop in Hunan Deshan Liquor Corporation. He has worked there for thirty years and is still working on the frontier of brewing liquor. He has been engaged in summarizing his experience and passing it on to others willingly. In this way, he contributes a lot to the company’s achievements.


    2019 Brewery Master’s Skill Competition in Jingkai District


    2019 Brewery Master’s Skill Competition in Jingkai District


    On the 2019 Brewery Master’s Skill Competition in Jingkai District, Xiang Yang and his team did every procedure with specific strictness and exactness. And they finally got the first prize after judges tasted their wine.

    Upon graduation from Hunan Light Industry Technical College in 1989, Xiang Yang, who majored in food fermentation, was assigned to work in Deshan Daqu Liquor Plant (the former name of Deshan Liquor Corporation), engaged in wine producing and proceduring.


    Xiang Yang, director of No.1 Brewing Workshop in Hunan Deshan Liquor Corporation


    Deshan Liquor was famous for its smooth and tender taste and manual brewing, which perfectly suited his expertise.

    Xiang Yang and his colleagues adopted tradition and innovative crafts as well in every step like raw materials fermentation, wine cellar and distilling for outputs. By doing so, they helped fine wine rate rise from 4% in 2011 to 33% now with a continuous enhancement of the quality of base liquor.

    “First of all, you have to experience yourself and realize what the best way is. Then next time you’ll be sure of it. When you actually practice it again, you’ll follow the best way. If you overdo it this time, you redo it next time.”, Xiang Yang said to the reporter.


    Tasting and judging wine at the workplace




    The Brewing Workshop


    In 2011, Xiang Yang was qualified as a technician of national first level, the highest career qualification of wine-brewing profession. And in the same year, he was employed as the director of No.1 Brewing Workshop, and was responsible for teaching experience and technical skills to his colleagues.

    Effectively summarizing his thirty years working experience and selflessly sharing it with his co-workers make Xiang Yang an inheritor of wine brewing experience. He and his team have co-founded the benefit model of Laowuzeng craft, making liquor output rate rise by 3% and fine liquor output rate rise by 9%, perfectly accomplishing the company’s assignment.

    Under his leadership, the staff in his workshop have achieved a lot of training and improvement in their skills. Last year, twelve of them gained Intermediate Skills Certifications.

    “Like farmers, we sow seeds and then watch them sprout, grow and finally be ripe. When liquor comes out, it’s like the season of harvest. We have that feeling every day, because we have produced fine liquor that we are so proud of,” said Xiang Yang.


    He Manli: a female technical craftsperson “weaving the world”

    In textile machinery industry, there is a saying: “Changde’s cradle weaves the world”. In Changde Cradle Technology Co., Ltd, there are several female staff who have made great achievements in company’s development. Among them, He Manli,  in charge of No.2 Small Parts Class of the Assembly Department, is one of the best.



    The Assembly Department

    She often performs excellently in her assignment with her unique carefulness and exquisiteness, which helps her become an outstanding female craftsperson in machinery production industry.

    The cradle plays an important role in weaving machinery’s drafting and pressurization installation. And the department where He Manli works is exactly responsible for installing units of cradles.

    In her department, eight of the eleven staff are female, because production of cradles requires exquisite work. For instance, the installing nut He Manli is now working on is one of the locating units, which is highly delicate. And women’s fingers are more suitable for its processing demands.

    He Manli said, “Some assembling work is a little difficult for males, which may affect production to some degree. Since we are paid by unit, if the quantity is lower, the production decreases accordingly. However, for female colleagues, they are more skilled and better at this kind of work, and the production will be much higher then.”



    He Manli


    He Manli at work

    He Manli has worked as an ordinary worker in the Assembly Department since 1992. She has always kept a precise and careful attitude towards her work. Whether it is about a size of a plug or processing order of link parts, she will try her best to accomplish the assignment.

    Due to her responsible attitude, He Manli was selected as the person in charge of her group. She then acted like “the big housekeeper” to serve her department wholeheartedly. Every time a task is given, she will first check if the quality and quantity of parts are proper beforehand and then give feedback to relevant workers. After that, she will urge them to deliver parts in time. In this way, her coworkers may start their work with the highest efficiency.



    A series of Jingwei cradle production


    “For work, I think we should try to do it perfectly. We should fulfill our duties and do anything we are capable of,” He Manli said.

    Cradle production is a very ordinary job, but He Manli has devoted herself to this profession for twenty-seven years. What she has done seems to be trivial, but it is her persistence and responsible attitude that highlight her career.

    In 2016, He Manli was credited as “the most beautiful female group leader of Changde”. In 2017, she was awarded as “an excellent member of the Communist Party”, and her group has been named as his company’s “female model post” for four successive years.

    It is because there are a large part of selfless staff like He Manli who commit themselves to work that the global output of Jingwei Cradle series reaches No.1 and its domestic market share comes to 70%, which strongly proves “Changde’s cradle weaves the world”.

    Zhou Wenjun, Secretary of CPC Branch of Production Department in Changde Jingwei Cradle Technology Co., Ltd.


    “He Manli’s sincere warmth to her group members induces more responsibility in their hearts. That’s why our cradles can really weave the world,” said Zhou Wenjun, Secretary of CPC Branch of Production Department in Changde Jingwei Cradle Technology Co., Ltd.

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