A Vista for Changde: Industrial Development and Commercial Vitality

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    The General Office of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee introduced the work experience of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government in the 4th session of Working Situation Exchange in 2019, which fully affirmed Changde’s achievements in industrial development generated by implementing the comprehensive policy to specific projects.

    In recent years, the Changde Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have been working with dedication to enforce the decision and plans of the “Industrial Project Construction Year” designed by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. While vigorously implementing the strategy of building a strong city by opening up to the domestic and global market and developing industry with the three-year plan marching to a more challenging new stage, Changde pays close attention to the construction of key industrial projects, which provides strong support for the promotion of high-quality development.

    In 2018, Changde launched 214 new industrial projects, each of which meets the production capacity of over RMB 100 million yuan. Among them, 36 projects settled in Changde with an investment of over RMB 500 million yuan, and 13 projects with a value of more than RMB 1 billion yuan. More than 98 industrial projects with an investment of over RMB 1 billion yuan each were completed and put into production. All the achievements can be attributed to adhering to “Five Principles”.

    The first principle lies in the high level supervision and promotion policy which aims at revising and upgrading the current administrative mechanism. Zhou Derui the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Director of Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress as the political commissar, Cao Lijun the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor as the commander in chief, the headquarters set for the promotion of the three-year-plan of strengthening development based on industry is running at full speed, and nine special groups led by the corresponding municipal officers function as sub-organizations. A well-designed schedule and distribution system on the long, mid and short term basis has been established. In accordance with the system, the secretary and the mayor are responsible for quarter schedule; the executive deputy mayor is monitoring the monthly scheduling; the deputy mayor is in charge of the schedule on a 10-day circle. The regulations have been issued to every layer of the administrative framework to strengthen the sense of responsibility and the observation of a strict accountability rule.

    The second principle accounts for precise positioning of industry and the forging of featured industrial parks. We stick to the creed by which the industrial parks are treated as the forefront of the construction of industrial projects, and give them a constant push, guiding them to the development path of specialization, intensification and environmental-friendly value tendency. The optimization of the industrial layout, stimulation of the vitality of the parks, and partnership cooperation promotion are highlighted and given priority in policy privilege. In the year of 2018, the whole infrastructure investment in the parks was RMB 10.2 billion yuan, and the construction of new standardized factories of 2.4 million square meters was completed.

    The third principle is for the precision of investment promotion. We focus on attracting big firms or investors with strong financial competence. We take actions to break the inertia thinking and path dependence, allowing the market to explore the creative investment mode including the off-site incubation platform, the upstream and downstream investment model of the industrial chain, and an active engagement with the strategic investor investment model. All of those modes mentioned above have contributed greatly to accomplishing last year’s over-all investment projects. A total of 236 industrial projects with an investment of more than RMB 100 million yuan have landed, including 84 projects with more than RMB 500 million yuan and 47 projects with RMB more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, strategic investors such as Shanghai Fosun, Qinghai Tibetan, Schneider, Hong Kong Jiaduobao, Zhengda Group have settled in succession.

    The fourth principle is problem-based pursuit of strengthening the aggregations of production factors. We figure out a bunch of policies to fortify the financial assurance, talent assurance, employment assurance, science and technology assurance, etc. All year round during 2018, we provided RMB 9.13 billion yuan as financing services for small businesses in forms of guarantees and small loans, and an additional RMB over 600 million yuan as bridge funds, plus RMB 74.10 million yuan of technology-guarantee loans. 22 innovation-minded professionals, 51 technicians with doctor degree and 426 post-graduates with full-time master degree were introduced and came into our talent tank. A total of 233 job fairs were held to explore the new mode by which local colleges and universities are capable of training and transporting talents of specific skills and expertise for enterprises in the industrial parks. In three science and technology achievements transfer and transformation meetings 55 science and technology transfer conversion projects were signed. Changde Economic Development Zone successfully created a national-level technology business incubator, plus 6 provincial-level technology innovation platforms, 9 provincial-level science-technology enterprise incubators, and 2 academician workstations.

    The fifth principle sets an iron bar to ensure the protection of rights and benefits for enterprises in Changde. It also seeks to optimize the commercial environment. A bunch of smooth communication channels between government and enterprises has been put into use, which functions to upgrade support for industrial development and improve the government’s administrative service environment. Besides “key enterprises WeChat group”, “enterprise service hotline” and “enterprise service mailbox”, and the establishment of “reception confirmation and response check system exclusive for letters concerning enterprise problems”, a comprehensive set of policies have been issued and implemented to help industrial enterprises develop rapidly. The policies to reduce fees and burdens also created a more optimistic vista for enterprises in Changde. The financial burden of enterprises has been cut by more than RMB 400 million yuan. Municipal budgets allocated RMB 1.43 billion yuan as special funds for industrial development, focusing on the construction of the park and industrial development. Great efforts have been made to simplify the paper work with government administrative services by canceling 257 certificates (allowance or approval with stamp) documents. 577 business procedures have been reshaped into the category of "one-time-maximum activity". Emphasis has been attached to solving those most complained weak points in terms of business environment, and 55 bureaucrats and 109 people concerned were held accountable. The list management policy has been carried out for charges and administrative fees with enterprises.

    For the past two years, Changde has witnessed the implementation of the strategy of strengthening development based on industry in industrial projects through concerted efforts and joint participation.

    Changde experience in industrial project construction has been affirmed by the provincial party committee and promoted in Hunan. It fully demonstrates that efforts in recent years have not only been unanimously acknowledged by all citizens, but also highly recommended by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It has also been proved correct to implement the strategy of opening up to the national and global market and inviting firms and investors to set a new development path for Changde. From the perspective of the past experience or future prospect, to achieve a high-quality development, Changde must have the economy foundation rooted in the production industry supported by specific and concrete projects. As an unshakable strategic deployment from the municipal party committee and the municipal government, it must be carried out following a macro blueprint of forward thinking.

    By the efforts in recent years, the industrial development and commercial vitality have reached a remarkable stage in specific projects. However, Changed can’t afford to ignore the large gap to be filled by large projects and the scarcity of projects of great potential, not to mention some projects that are still hanging on blue chart papers. Those hard facts are forming a reality we must face with a clear mind. In view of Changde’s geographic position in the central region of China which lacks advantages of resources, transportation, and industrial basis, it is a challenging task for us to introduce projects to Changde and put them to effect. There is no shortcut to handle the project construction apart from a down to earth attitude.

    To focus on project construction, we must take practical measures and work resolutely and effectively. It is a long way from planning to eventual landing. It is impossible to finish it in one sprint, which means it requires continuous exertion of strength and a whole track monitoring. If any part of the chain goes wrong, it will affect the follow-up event. From project layout, planning and design, to construction and production management, every step must be taken with caution and perseverance.

    To focus on project construction, we must dare to grab the chance. The project will not come from nowhere. A delicate scheme plus brand promotion may function as the corner stone for a project hatching. The inner value forging, a thorough study of national and provincial policy tendency and creative measures should be taken into consideration in the long run. It is necessary to seize the opportunity, know how to “paste”, “squeeze” and “pull”, and strive to turn potential opportunities into real projects creating development momentum.

    To focus on project construction, we must treat the enterprises and investors with sincerity and integrity. The environment is productivity; hence optimizing the environment means liberating productivity and enhancing competitiveness. In the process of project introduction, the government should put itself in the shoes of enterprises, set beneficial and specific policies in advance and improve its work efficiency. We must create a most favorable environment for trade and investment with the most standardized service management and a perfect legal system. We must strengthen the construction of integrity so that the government can fulfill every promise it has made. Otherwise, the projects will not be staying for long, and it will be a mission impossible to recruit them.

    To focus on project construction, we must work together and leave no room for a bystander. Project construction is not only a matter of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, but also a major event for all levels and departments of the whole city. When a project comes, the whole administrative system must participate in the single one game. All functional departments must perform their duties with an identical pace by sharing information flow, building an integrated environment, discussing issues on the same table, and working together to form a strong synergy. It is an open score-board to use the projects as tokens to rate the performance and stimulate the awareness of participation so that every member of our society can play an active role in project construction.

    No fruit will be reaped without hard work. We will be rewarded with achievements only after tireless endeavors. Today we plant the seed of industrial development in the field of projects. Tomorrow we will reap the harvest of high-quality development in Changde. It is a long process, but we will definitely see the day when dreams come true, both as witnesses and as workers.



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