Industrial Agglomeration Attracting Changde Migrant Workers to Come Back

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         The following scene is often seen in Changde: After a brief reunion during the Spring Festival, Changde migrant workers, saying goodbye to their families, are about to leave their hometown to be drifting in the alien lands again. In their last moments of reunion, you can’t help but notice the sadness in parents’ eyes and hear the crying of children, “Please don’t go, mom!” 

         Migrant workers long for home, not only to have a family reunion dinner but also to enjoy the family companionship, professional sense of belonging as well as satisfaction and sense of gain in life. To attract Changde migrant workers to come back, the Changde City Government is taking thoughtful measures. According to Changde’s natural conditions, geographical conditions and industry characteristics, the government is expected to expand industry, develop start-up business, create job opportunity and improve social security in order to provide realistic condition for migrant workers to realize their dream at home. The return of migrant workers may also solve the problems with regard to elderly people of “empty nest”, left-behind children and rural hollowing at the same time. More importantly, they will bring new vitality to the development of industry in Changde. 

    Spring Job Fair attracting a number of migrant workers in Changde

         “I used to work in a coastal city and now I just want to have a stable job at home,” said Zhu Yuefeng, a 45-year-old Changde local who worked in Guangdong for 24 years. In recent days, a number of migrant workers who want to end the current unsettled life have been attending various job fairs held in Changde. This is the magnet effect created by the formation of industrial agglomeration.

         Recently, Changde has vigorously promoted the “Three-year Plan of Establishing a Industry-oriented City”. The industrial park layout is improving; industrial characteristics are gradually clear; business is thriving and more job opportunities are emerging. Therefore, increasingly more migrant workers are attracted to come back.

    The thriving wave of getting employed in hometown

         On February 10, 2019, people of Wenyi Village, Taoyuan County were immersed in a festival atmosphere while Wang Lanying and her husband were packing to get ready for work in Shenzhen. Her children cried desperately, “I want my mom! I want my mom!” Seeing this, Wang Lanying couldn’t bear the separation and decided to stay, “We will stay at home to work. I notice that there are many companies and factories in Changde. We will find a decent job so that we can also take care of parents and our kids.”

         Her husband Wen Junhua was having the second thought when his mother encouraged, “Much money as you would make outside, expenses are more too and you would lose the companion with the kids. It’s not worthwhile at all!”

         Those words made Wang Lanying and Wen Junhua determined to stay. Soon, Wang Lanying found a job in Taoyuan County with a salary of 3,200 – 3,300 yuan. If she worked overtime, she could make more than 4,000 yuan a month. “I made about 4,000 yuan a month in Shenzhen, but the rent and tuition of my elder daughter were high. We may as well stay home.” 

         Migrant workers like Wang Lanying who used to work in other cities and now come back to Changde are just an epitome of numerous migrant workers in Changde. Zhou Derui and Cao Lijun, two main leaders of Changde, have emphasized repeatedly that to realize high-quality development, Changde has to introduce and cultivate talents of technological innovation and management focusing on industry project construction. The government should bring in leading talents, badly needed talents and young talents to provide strong talent support for industry project construction. To keep workers who come back and to maintain the motive of industry development, the government grasped the best moment when most migrant works came back to Changde for the Spring Festival, holding 38 job fairs, providing over 110,000 jobs and making more than 20,000 offers to build a bridge between companies and migrant workers. Under the guidance of the government, the new employment value of “Never leaving home where you can find an ideal job” has gradually rooted in people’s hearts deeply. A wave of getting employed in hometown has emerged, which promotes the return of family affection and brings more possibilities for hollow villages to revive.

    Industrial agglomeration for job expansion

         What are the deep reasons for these migrant workers to come back home from southern coastal cities in addition to family affection?

         “To keep them in Changde, we need to offer them jobs in Changde for an opportunity to develop,” said the person in charge of Changde Municipal Development and Reform Commission who is used to doing investigation and survey among companies. These can also be attributed to the emerge of industries, the development of substantial economy, the construction of industry projects and the development of key enterprises, all of which form the effect of industrial agglomeration to further create opportunities of job and development.

         In 2018, in order to promote industrial development, Changde optimized the industrial layout and accelerated the expansion of the pillar industries. The output value has exceeded 60 billion yuan in industries of tobacco and biomedicine & healthy food, 70 billion yuan in industries of equipment manufacturing & military-civilian integration, culture, tourism, health and elderly care. Changde has vigorously carried out the “Changde Brand and China Quality” promotion activities, and signed 211 production and sales agreements, with a total amount of 24.974 billion yuan. Changde took the lead in Hunan province in exploring the new model of incubating investment, established Intelligence Manufacture Center for Scientific and Creative Future (Beijing Zhongguancun) and attracted 13 high-tech enterprises to settle in. Changde set up Qingke Funding Town in the Liuye Lake Resort, and signed the first batch of 26 funding and management enterprises with a total funding of 15.05 billion yuan. Through industrial chain investment, customized investment, market-oriented investment, etc., Changde attracted many strategic investors such as Shanghai Fosun, Qinghai Zangge, Oriental Yuhong, France Schneider, Hong Kong Jiaduobao. In the whole year, 236 industrial projects with the investment of over 100 billion yuan were introduced, and the total investment reached 123.49 billion yuan. 

    In 2018, the quality of industrial development in Changde was greatly improved. Industrial investment accounted for 54.9% of total fixed assets investment, and tax revenue accounted for 69.5% in local fiscal revenue. 159 industrial enterprises above designated size emerged, and the industrial added value of enterprises above designated size increased by more than 7% over the previous year. The output value of high-tech industries exceeded 120 billion yuan. 214 new industrial projects with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan were started. The cluster of industries and enterprises has undoubtedly boosted the employment and provided the main platform for the transformation of employment in Changde.

         Longxingtianxia Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., is located in Taoyuan County. Chen Nengpan, the company’s director of the General Affairs Department, has a deep understanding of Changde’s positive development. He has been engaged in human resources management for more than 10 years. He said that in recent years, Changde has undergone great changes, and the government's infrastructure and supporting policies have been greatly optimized. Under the support of the government, the company has a strong development momentum with an increasing employment demand and a narrowing income gap. Last year, the company produced 7.2 million pairs of sport shoes with an annual output value of 700 million yuan. There are more than 2,700 employees in 14 production lines, and 800 vacancies are available this year. At present, more than 300 people have been recruited, with an average monthly income of 3,300 - 3,500 yuan. In this year's new recruits, the proportion of returnees in company’s total employment has increased from 20% to 60%. 

         According Changde Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the demand for highly skilled personnel is stronger than ever as the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of local enterprises. The monthly salary of some key positions in enterprises like Zoomlion, Sany Machinery, Xanjer Heavy Industry and Xiangyu Equipment has reached 10,000 yuan. The wage standard of enterprises has been greatly improved.

         Tang Huijia, a staff who has been working in Guangdong province for many years, said, “Going out to work is to make money and make yourself and your family live a better life. Changde has developed rapidly in recent years, and the salary is similar to that in Guangdong. So now I don’t have to go far away. I just want to find a job near my home in Changde.”

         Those people who have working experience and high tech expertise are very popular in Changde’s employment market. You Hongjian is an IE engineer who had worked in Shenzhen for 3 years and had an annual salary of 120,000 yuan. As soon as he returned to Changde, he was recruited by Sumida Electromechanical (Changde) Co., Ltd., in Economic Development Zone. 

         The company’s human resources director Deng Yanqiu said that the company mainly produces digital cameras, computers, liquid crystal displays and other devices. Last year, it produced 230 million pieces of electronic components with an output value of 176 million yuan. The company only has more than 1,100 employees in more than 80 production lines. So it is expected to recruit 300 people during the peak time of employment from February to March this year. Technical and management talents are in urgent need after the company’s last year’s efforts to promote automatic production lines. “The average monthly salary of our company is between 3,300 and 4,800 yuan, and the salary of high-skilled personnel is between 5,000 and 6,000 yuan. There are five kinds of insurances and housing fund, paid holidays, free medical examinations, working meals and other welfare, all aiming at attracting returning workers.” Deng Yanqiu firmly believes that with comprehensive policies of Changde Municipal Party Committee and Changde Municipal Government and flourishing enterprises, there will be more and more talents choosing to come home to work. 

         Talents are the most important resource for social development and are the inexhaustible driving force for accelerating the economic and social transformation of Changde. In order to help enterprises meet their employment demand and attract migrant workers, Changde has launched a series of “new talents” policies laying emphasis on housing subsidies, rent subsidies, job subsidies, support of innovative entrepreneurship projects, special positions for highly educated talents, employment for family members, and education for children. 

         At the same time, Changde has built a harmonious business environment and been trying to achieve “zero distance” and “zero cost” communication between government and business by opening a direct platform for appeals, like “business service hotline”, “enterprise service mailbox” and “WeChat group of key enterprises”. In 2018, Changde held 233 job fairs, provided 280,000 jobs for 44,000 companies and recruited more than 2,000 new high-skilled personnel, effectively alleviating the demand for employment. 

         The positive momentum of employment will continue in Changde and increasingly more workers will come back home. With in-depth implementation of advanced development strategy, Changde’s industry will achieve great development during the industrial transformation and integration with the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Dongting Lake Economic Ecology Zone. 

    The promising opportunities are yours. Changde welcomes you to come back home!



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