“Home Delivery” Teaching Moving China

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         At the end of 2017, a shining story of “home delivery” teaching initiated by Central School of Zaoshi Town in Changde was discovered and reported to the public by media and moved China deeply: A girl suffers from a chronic and stubborn disease. Ten teachers reach out their helping hands. The 11 km-long rugged mountain road witnesses their “home delivery” teaching.  

         Dating back to March 2016, an unfortunate girl named Yang Fan of the 8th grade suddenly fell down in the classroom and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rapid-onset muscle weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system with extremely low cure rate. Ever since then, Yang Fan’s parents have kept seeking medical help by carrying Yang Fan around. Due to the illness, Yang Fan could not stand or walk on her own. However, this rare disease was beyond doctors’ ability. The exhausted family wanted to give up at one point and Yang Fan was forced to suspend from Central School of Zaoshi Town.

         Ever since the suspension, Yang Fan has always dreamt of getting back to school to acquire acknowledge. However, due to her physical limitations, the dream was not able to come true. On September 3, 2017, Yang Fan insisted on going back to school with her mother’s assistance. At the school, the vice-president of the school, Cai Daisheng, suggested that Yang Fan go up to the third floor on her own. Although Yang Fan tried her best to make a step, she lost her balance immediately and toppled over backwards. Tears streamed down their faces. Cai Daisheng said, “I felt like pins and needles in my heart at that time and was deeply touched by her thirst for knowledge.”  He then decided to carry out free “home delivery” teaching for Yang Fan on every Thursday. Many teachers in the school volunteered to take part in the “home delivery” teaching group. Cai Daisheng selected ten from them. “At first, I was afraid that they would turn down my appeal. But it was really unnecessary since all the recruited participants felt honored and were not hesitant to help the girl. What we are doing is out of our instincts as teachers and we are not expecting any repay.” Cai Daisheng said, 

         Qin Heping, the Physics teacher, said with a smile, “It is our nature to help students, so there will be no regret at all. We do it not for fame or fortune. We do it just because we cannot bear to see a teenager girl stuck in the room alone. I would like to spend several hours a week to deliver knowledge to light her hope definitely.” 

         Hu Hansong, the History teacher, said seriously, “To impart knowledge and to educate people are my vocation as a teacher. Every student is my child. To deliver knowledge for Yang Fan is the obligation of every ordinary teacher like me.”

         Huang Qingyuan, the Biology teacher, meant every word she said, “In my teaching career, I always ask myself to deliver my finite knowledge to every student and to pass my infinite love to everyone in need.”

         Wan Yafen, the Psychological counselor, and Dai Lin, the Politics teacher, are both the generation after 1990s. They felt a little excited when they knew they were chosen. Jiang Huihui, the Chinese teacher, Xiang Xuzhong, the math teacher, Du Hongjiao, the English teacher and Xiang Zuoping, the geography teacher, all are very experienced in teaching. To care for students is deep in their bones.

    Xing Chengwu, the designated driver, accepted the mission without any hesitation and even used his brand-new sport utility vehicle for the “home delivery” teaching for Yang Fan. Although he was not responsible for teaching, he watched every class for Yang Fan and observed the inner world of these teachers from a more objective perspective. As a veteran from 1999, he was aware of how busy these teachers were. “Left-behind children account for 60% of all children and most of them live in school. Teachers, especially head teachers, are responsible for not only study but also life of those students. They almost work around the clock everyday. Before, I was not quite sure what the saying meant that “The rose is in her hand and the fragrance in my heart”, but now I gradually come to understand it.” 

    No matter how bad the weather was, they would not let Yang Fan down for once. On January 4, 2018, they were caught up by ice and snow when they set out and the road was closed to traffic. Xing Chengwu put some snow chains on his vehicle and still wanted to make it to Yang Fan’s home. Yang Shufang, Yan Fan’s mother, called and asked them not to come in case that there would be danger. This was the first and only time that teachers missed the class for Yang Fan.

         Each class for Yang Fan was carefully planed. Dai Lin prepared PPT, Qin Heping designed various interesting experiments and Huang Qingyuan even took Yang Fan to the orchard to observe the structure of flowers and fruits. Every week, the teachers arranged at least two hours of teaching class for Yang Fan. However, teachers and Yang Fan often quite enjoyed themselves and lost track of time. After class, teachers wound have a chat with Yang Fan, assign homework and quizzes, hand over their teaching plans and report the health condition of Yang Fan to the school. 

         The road was once under repair during their way to Yang Fan’s home. The vehicle did not make a way through a pile of rubble. Xing Chengwu got off and negotiated with the workers, “We are teachers from school for “home delivery” teaching for a girl in the village.” The workers used the forklift to remove the rubble without another word and asked with concern, “When will you come back? We can leave the road clear for you!” All sorts of feelings welled up in his mind, “This is the respect and support from their hearts, making me feel honored!” Yang Wanxue, the neighbor, also expressed her respect, “These teachers are really nice people. We neighbors are so touched!”

         Yang Shufang gave all the credits to teachers. “They deliver knowledge to my daughter, but also give lessons about contributions to me at the same time.” Although the family was poor again due to the illness, Yang Shufang still wanted to try her best to help others. As a CPC member, Yang Shufang offered voluntarily to take the responsibility as a Director of the Women in the village. In addition to the work of Party building and birth control, the small thin woman even shouldered the task of helping 3 poor families. “I may not be  able to offer any economic support to them, but I can offer some ideas to help them make money.” Last year, Yang Shufang helped Lu Xianglan, one from the poor families, to renovate their dilapidated houses.

         The most significant changes could be found on Yang Fan. Xiang Ciyu, the vice-president of the school, recalled their first meeting at Yang Fan’s home, “Yang Fan was quiet and did not talk until she was asked.” Now, Yang Fan would wait at the gate for the teachers each Thursday in her school uniform, feeling like she was cared and accepted. Every time of their arrival was like a ray of sunshine to drive away the shadow lingering on the heart of Yang Fan. After the weekly class, each teacher would take pictures with Yang Fan and send them to the group chat they established for Yang Fan in Wechat. “It is not for self-promotion, but to ensure the success of our ‘home delivery’ teaching.” On each picture, Yang Fan was smiling happily.

         There was a syllabus on the corner of Yang Fan’s desk. Every day was scheduled in order. In addition to study, Yang Fan started to do rehabilitation training actively and gradually regained her old happy self. According to her mother, Yang Fan now is willing to greet people and to share her ideas with the family.

         The most important task for Yang Fan at present is to study hard and to beat the disease as soon as possible. When asked about her future plan, Yang Fan said with pride, “I would manage to walk normally as ordinary people and then work hard to become a teacher one day to make contributions to the society!” 



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