Profile of 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon

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    Opening of 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon

    At 7:30 am on November 10, the 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon (hereinafter referred to as Dema) started with the shooting whistle at the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center in Changde City. 18,000 domestic and foreign marathon fans gathered in the beautiful scenery. On the bank of Liuye Lake, they celebrated the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China by running, sharing the development achievements of Changde in the past 70 years, enjoying the eternal fun of marathon! Zhou Derui, secretary of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, announced the launching of the competition. 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon is hosted by China Athletics Association, Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau, Changde Municipal People's Government, and organized by Hunan Provincial Athletics Association, Changde City Cultural Tourism Radio and Sports Bureau, Government of Wuling District, Changde Liuye Lake Tourism Resort District Management Committee, with the aid from Changde City Cultural Tourism Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. which managed the public relation and promotion issues, along with the Changde Radio and TV Station and Hunan Yufeng Sports Culture Co., Ltd. to implement some publicity job.

    In this year, the scale of Dema has been greatly expanded compared to that of previous years, with a total of 18,000 players participating. Among them, there are 2,500 marathon runners, 4,500 half marathon runners and 11,000 happy running event attendees. There are more than 20 foreign competitors from the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Russia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Poland and other countries.

    Going through the trial of a fierce competition, Tesema Mindegiso Gobena from Ethiopia won the men's team in the 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon in 2 hours, 13 minutes and 24 seconds. Deertu Debela Delesa from Ethiopia claimed the champion of the 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon women's team with a record of 2 hours, 44 minutes and 1 second.

    Since its launching in 2016, the Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon has developed steadily. It won the title of “Gold Medal” awarded by the China Athletics Association in 2018 and was selected as one of the top 100 influencers in the Chinese marathon. 

    The line optimization highlights the enthusiasm of Changde

    The Running Scene

    Changde Welcomes You 

    The starting point of the Dema route is located at the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center. The full marathon and half marathon finish line is located at Baima Lake Park. The marathon and half marathon routes cover both the scenic Liuye Lake roundabout and the main urban area. Starting from the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center, the players ran on this smooth, comfortable, “most beautiful PB track", enjoying the graceful scenery of the Liuye Lake in the early morning, passing through Simalou, Happy Water World, Kaile Planet, Zhantianhu Bridge. Taking all these iconic attractions of Changde into sight, the runners finally ran to the downtown area, rushed to the end of the victory in the applause and cheers of Changde citizens, and truly felt the fruitful achievements of Changde’s urban construction and the hospitality of Changde people! 

    Full service upgraded players’ experience dramatically

    Volunteers Providing Physical Therapy for Runners On-site

    In order to ensure the successful implementation of Dema, Changde has invested all forces to truly mobilize the whole city and jointly help Dema! In terms of replenishment services, 2,000 volunteers are distributed at various points on the track to prepare pure water, fruit, bread, energy gel and other food supplies for the players. Changde rice noodles, Changde glutinous tea and other special local cuisine also appeared in Dema, and the athletes are greeted at the finish line. In terms of security services, 2,500 public security police officers are located at various points on the track route, patrolling the whole line, ready to tackle any urgency, by every means to creat a secure environment for the players. 150 medical staff and 600 medical volunteers are on standby with the marathon professional medical training. Once they find that the runners feel uncomfortable, they will arrive at the first time to ensure the safety of the athletes. The "Gym Horse Care Run" consisting of 24 doctor runners, 40 pacers and more than 60 people acted as "track mobile safety officers", escorting the players, ensuring that the players run safely and finish successfully. 

    Passionate marathon rocked Changde City

    Foreign Runners Crossing the Finish Line


    Awarding Ceremony 

    As an important node city of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and an important part of the Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone, Changde is ranked among the top legion in Hunan Province for its comprehensive strength. It is known as the “city in the Taohuayuan”. Recently, Changde has been listed among China's Prefecture-level City Top 100 , ranking 78th!

    In Changde, where the people have gained a sense of well-being, happiness and security, the sports industry has also flourished, and the humanistic senses and marathon sport events will echo and complement each other! The 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon is a sports festival for the Changde people. It celebrates the whole city morale and helps forge Dema brand. The 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon Memorial Postcard, first issued by Changde Post, consists of two sets, limited to 2,000 sets. Among them, the No. 1 main picture of postcard design is Changde Liuye Lake Lake Road, which is also the only professional marathon track in China. The No. 2 main picture of the postcard is composed of the major background of this year's Dema. SimaTower, Lake-round Track, Bijia Battlement, Taohuayuan Bridge, Taohuayuan, Leifeng Pagoda and other attractions are all included. While the athletes jog in it, the scene forms an organic combination of the sports spirit and Changde city humanity landscapes. With the ever-increasing quality of the competition and the reputation of the players, Dema has already become a stage for marathon fans at home and abroad, and has become a beautiful business card to show Changde's image!

    2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon has ended successfully. Let’s meet 2020, meet better Changde, meet better Dema!  

    There is a group of "Smurfs" on the Dema track

    At 7:30 on the morning of November 10th, the 2019 Changde Liuyehu International Marathon was launched at the Liuye Lake Tourist Distribution Center. 18,000 runners participated in the great event and felt the passion and vitality of Changde city. In the fierce competition, a group of cute "Smurfs" organized by the Changde Communist Youth League Committee were busy on the  Dema track, providing services for 18,000 athletes including inspection, consultation, containment, storage, medical care, and logistics support.

    Swearing and Training Conference 

    Before the opening whistle of the marathon, the 2019 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon Youth Volunteer Swearing and Training Conference was held at Hunan University of Arts and Science. 2,000 young people from Hunan University of Arts and Science, Changde Vocational Technical College, Hunan Institute of Applied Technology, and Hunan Kindergarten Teachers College Volunteers plus 50 youth volunteer service teachers participated in the swearing-in conference and competition service training.


    Preparing Supplies 

    On the eve of the competition, the young volunteers distributed the materials in an orderly manner to the players in accordance with the requirements of the training work, and made contact with the referees, plus familiarizing with the venue, placing the mineral water before the game, inspecting the site, and completing the preparatory jobs accurately.

    After the starting of the competition, the young volunteers always paid attention to the material consumption and timely supplement. They would politely guide the audience to watch the game in an orderly manner, preventing the audience or children from crossing the track, care about the athletes who are physically weak and persuade them to retire and help them get on the receiving car. The service of the event was completed swiftly and professionally.

    Volunteers Taking a Group Photo 

    After the completion of the marathon event, the young volunteers actively assisted in cleaning up the site, collecting equipment, picking up waste, checking the remaining materials, and guiding the audience to leave the scene, ensuring the rapid recovery of the scene and completing the various finishing tasks of the event. 

    Background: Marathon in China Nowadays

    In 2018, the total annual consumption of China's marathon reached 17.8 billion. The total consumption driven by the annual competition reached 28.8 billion. The total annual output of the industry reached 74.6 billion, an increase of 7% compared with last year.

    “The marathon has played an important role in advancing, encouraging and promoting the national fitness, urban tourism consumption, economic growth, city publicity and reputation of all provinces, districts, cities and counties.” Yu Hongchen, the director of the Athletics Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, concluded in this way.

    At the same time, the annual report also mentioned five problems that still exist in China's marathon: 1. The marathon culture foundation is weak, and the awareness of industry rules is not yet sound; 2. The product innovation is insufficient, and the competition homogenization is obvious; 3. The concept and method of industry supervision need to be innovated; 4. The penalties for violations of the relevant organizers are not timely; 5. The level of competition in the marathon project needs to be improved. 

    According to the report, the Chinese marathon has reached a turning point from quantitative change to qualitative change in 2018.

    At the same time, the conference also released the "2018 China Marathon Big Data": the growth rate of the 2018 scale event was 43.46%, and the certification event growth rate was 32.42%. The total number of participants increased by more than 17%, and the size of the certification events increased by 31.56%. The China Athletics Association certification event attracted nearly two-thirds of runners in one-fifth of the tournaments. In the 1581 scale events, the number of marathon events increased by 10 percent compared to the statistics of 2017, indicating that the event has entered a relatively stable development period. The number of half marathons and mini-runs has achieved a rapid growth in 2018, among which, mini-run events reached a volume growth rate as high as 202%, from 123 in 2017 to 371 in 2018. The total number of participants reached 5.83 million participants, 2.656 million for the full marathon reached, 1.884 million for the half marathon reached, 589,900 for the mini run, and 442,600 for the cross-country run. 

    The China Association of Athletics Gold Awards events increased from 79 in 2017 to 96 in 2018, the silver standard events increased from 38 to 61, and the bronze medal increased from 44 to 68. In 2018, the international bronze bidding events increased by four games and the number of international gold and silver standard events remained unchanged, with 8 games and 4 games respectively. Geographically, Zhejiang Province ranks first in the country with 180 scale events, followed by 156 in Jiangsu and 114 in Beijing and Guangdong. The number of the events held in the eastern coastal area is significantly higher than in the central and western regions. Among the 334 prefecture-level cities in the country, 265 cities have held scale events in 2018, accounting for 85% of the total number of cities, compared to 52 cities in 2017. The number of cities hosting certification events reached 172. It can be concluded that a wave of Marathon is spreading around China with the acceleration of the urbanization process.



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