The Rose in Your Hand, the Fragrance in My Heart

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         There is a sweet and warmhearted story happening in Zaoshi Town of Shimen County: A girl suffers from a chronic and stubborn disease. Ten teachers reach out their helping hands. The 11 km-long rugged mountain road witnesses their “home delivery” teaching.  

    Ten teachers of “home delivery” teaching for Yang Fan, including eight teachers for professional courses, one teacher for psychological consultation and one designated driver.

         Dating back to March 2016, an unfortunate girl named Yang Fan was forced to suspend from Central School of Zaoshi Town because she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rapid-onset muscle weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system with extremely low cure rate.

    Lots of gray hairs sticking out on Yang Fan’s head due to the ailment and pressure

         Ever since the suspension, Yang Fan had always dreamt of getting back to the school to acquire acknowledge. However, due to her physical limitations, the dream was not able to come true. Fortunately, on  September 3, 2017, the vice-president of the school, Cai Daisheng, decided to recruit 10 excellent teachers to carry out free “home delivery” teaching for Yang Fan on every Thursday. Many teachers in the school volunteered to take part in the “home delivery” teaching group. Cai Daisheng selected ten from them. All recruited participants felt honored and were not hesitant to help the girl. Cai Daisheng said,“What we are doing is out of our instincts as teachers and we are not expecting any repay.”

    Teachers developing carefully plans for “home delivery” teaching for Yang Fan

    Well-developed plans of study for Yang Fan

         Every week, the teachers arranged at least two hours of teaching class for Yang Fan. However, teachers and Yang Fan often quite enjoyed themselves and lost track of time. After class, teachers wound assign homework and quizzes, hand over their teaching plans and report the health condition of Yang Fan to the school. Each Thursday, Yang Fan would wait at the gate for the teachers. Every time of their arrival was like a ray of sunshine to drive away the shadow lingering on the heart of Yang Fan. 

    Yang Fan doing rehabilitation training with the help of her mother.

         In addition to study, Yang Fan started to do rehabilitation training actively and became gradually happy again. The most important task for Yang Fan at present is to study hard and to beat the disease as soon as possible. When asked about her future plan, Yang Fan said with pride, “I would like to walk normally as ordinary people and become a teacher one day to repay the society!” 



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