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         Dating back to 2015, the public welfare activities of bird protection have been widely publicized by a bird protection team from Foreign Language College of Hunan University of Arts and Science (HUAS). In March 2017, the team was officially registered as Bird Protection Camp of HUAS. At present, there are 150 volunteers in total, including students from HUAS, Hunan Applied Technology University and public welfare personnel. Ever since its establishment, the Camp has taken “let birds fly, protect birds and safeguard water resource” as its mission to ensure bird survival and drinking water safety. According to the statistics, the Camp has held about 400 activities for bird protection and water quality monitoring and has accepted special coverage from 20 media, including Hunan TV Station, Hunan TV Urban Channel, Hunan TV Economic Channel, Mango TV, etc., causing wide public concern and winning wide public support.

         The rapid development and exceptional vigorousness of the Camp have received much praise from outside environmentalists. The Camp was qualified to be one of the top 16 bird protection camps in China in 2017. Yan Bo, one of the volunteers, was selected as one of the Top 50 National Bird Protectors. Besides, Yan Bo was awarded “Special Contribution Award” by the well-known media figure, Deng Fei, who initiated the organization Let Birds Fly. Chen Rui, the commander of the Camp, gained the title of Top 100 Volunteers of Changde. Zou Xuelian obtained the title of Top 10 Volunteers of HUAS. Another 20 members were given the title of China Wildlife Conservation Volunteer presented by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation.

         All the members and volunteers always strive to achieve more and to improve teamwork ability, dedicated to each activity with high enthusiasm and responsibility to realize their own value as a volunteer.

    1. They are firm learners and active disseminators

         So far, the Camp has held 9 lectures to make knowledge of bird protection widely available and 200 activities to publicize bird protection. Public welfare is not an undertaking that needs one person to do a lot but needs everyone to do a little. Therefore, members here tend to disseminate knowledge of bird and water protection in a more rational way. “Excellent professional knowledge is necessary for effectiveness and pertinence of our activity.” All members actively participate in various training programs as well as study by themselves to gain knowledge of birds. Ever since its establishment, the Camp has been invited by Environmental Volunteer Service Federation of Hunan Province to Hanshou, Changsha, and Xinhua to attend professional training programs. There were teachers from colleges and universities,  eminent monks and government officials. These distinguished guests taught members how to identify the species, how to help birds out of danger or difficulties, how to carry out habitat investigation and how to conduct propaganda. Volunteers of the Camp propose different approaches according to different circumstances through investigation and survey on stopover for migrant birds, dedicating their energy and youth to the maintenance of ecological balance.

    1.1 Lectures on “Let Birds Fly” 

         On March 16, 2017, Chen Rui introduced knowledge related to bird protection; Ning Ying and Li Maoliang presented the species and living environment of birds; Zhang Yaopeng briefed on the activity that was going to be held on March 18.

    1.2 Development of Fresh Activists

         Teenagers and children from Baishou Village gathered to learn knowledge of environmental protection to make them become the fresh activists of environmental protection. The Camp strives to sow the seeds of kindness in their growth, and to help them form correct outlook on life, sense of worth and worldview. 

    1.3 Launching Ceremony of the Camp

         On April 5, 2017, students from Foreign Language College and Yan Bo from Changde Ailvde Environmental Education Center were invited to attend the Launching Ceremony of the Bird Protection Camp of Hunan Province.

    1.4 Launching Ceremony of the First Bird Protection Camp & the Training Camp of National Undergraduates

         From July 7, 2017 to July 9, 2017, core members of the Camp were invited by Environmental Volunteer Service Federation of Hunan Province to attend the Launching Ceremony of the First Bird Protection Camp & the Training Camp of National Undergraduates at Lushan Temple, Yuelu District, Changsha.

    1.5 Internet Training of Hunan Protectors of Migrant Birds

         On August 5, 2017, members of the Camp came to the state-owned forest farm of Gutai Mountain in Xinhua, Hunan, to attend the Internet Training of Hunan Protectors of Migrant Birds.

    2. They are model practitioners of bird protection

         Bird protection is the most important part of activities of the Camp. It is also the original intention of its establishment. The Camp has already held 241 activities of bird protection.

         During each activity, inspection group from HUAS would conduct research on the surrounding area weekly. Members of the Camp and professionals of bird protection would make tour on those areas where bird-catching frequently occurs and bird-catching nets are commonly witnessed, for instance, Xidongting Wetland, Maoli Lake and Liuye Lake. If the inspection group spots bird-catching nets, related devices or activities, they would first talk to local people for detailed information and exact location, then take pictures to collect evidence, report related situation to and negotiate with Forestry Public Security, and finally organize undergraduates to remove the bird-catching nets, which is accompanied by bird protection education on the spot. The effects of such activity usually are significant. Through the experience, students on the spot feel touched, learn relevant knowledge, strengthen their convictions of bird protection and try their best to arouse the masses to get involved in action of bird protection.

         However, difficulties and obstacles are absolutely inevitable in so many activities of bird protection. For example, sometimes it is hard to have a deep conversation with local villagers. Whenever such thing happens, volunteers would take out the bird brochures, and explain bird-related knowledge and the significance of bird protection as well as the increasingly worse survival environment. Therefore, people would understand the importance of birds to human beings and support activities of bird protection. Additionally, members of the Camp also provide bird-driving methods for villagers to protect crops.

         Through those activities, the battle of bird protection becomes more effective. Government functional departments have attached great importance to and dealt with the bird-catching phenomenon reported by volunteers. There are more and more members coming to join the Camp. The professional skills are improving, so is public awareness of bird protection. Meanwhile, they also paid return visits to areas where bird-catching nets had been removed and discovered that bird-catching phenomenon reduced significantly, indicating the improved public awareness of bird protection.

    2.1 Initiation of “We run for your flying to safety”

         On March 19, 2017, the Camp initiated a distinctive activity named as “We run for your flying to safety” in order to make more people know about the importance of birds in biological chain as well as to create a eco-friendly environment for the sake of their safety.

    On April 23, 2017, Changde Ailvde Council along with volunteers of the Camp removed the bird-catching nets to prevent birds from being harmed at a fishpond in Hanshou County. Through cooperation with Forestry Public Security and Forestry Department, volunteers worked together to remove the bird-catching nets and promoted bird protection. 

         On September 27, 2017, the activity, “We run for your flying to safety”, was reported by Hunan TV Station, Hunan TV Urban Channel, etc.

    3. Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets

         Water resource protection is also a pivotal part of the Camp. At present, fresh water resource that people can exploit and use is far from enough, accounting for less than 1% of fresh water resource worldwide and approximately 0.007% of water on the whole planet. It is statistically obvious that fresh water resource is rare. Even so, the awareness of water resource protection has not been deepened and the situation of water resource is worse than ever. Water is the source of life of human beings as well as of animals and plants. Therefore, the existence of water is an indispensible source for birds to live. The food resource of those birds that inhabit areas with water and wetland is from the surrounding waters. When each area of waters and wetland disappears, a part of birds would cease to exist. According to the statistics, there have been 1212 endangered species of birds out of 9775 species all over the world, accounting for 1/8 of all birds, 179 of which are severely threatened, 344 of which are in peril of extinction and 688 of which are exceptionally rare. The crisis of birds can be largely attributed to the destruction of and indifference of people to water resource. Thus, to protect water resource is an indispensable part of activities of the Camp. To protect birds admits of no delay! 

         In order to protect lucid waters and lush mountains, members of the Camp arrange undergraduates to monitor and manage the waters of Changde. The activity for water resource protection is monthly held. Besides, members of the Camp also organize themselves to walk to Yuan River to make knowledge of water resource protection widely available. Lectures on water resource protection are given prior to the activity to strengthen the awareness of water resource protection so as to lay a solid foundation for the activity of water resource protection. Additionally, members voluntarily expand the publicity of the activity of water resource protection online and offline by reposting moments on QQ, posting special columns on WeChat, posting Weibo and holding teach-in in each class. Volunteers give out related cards to passers-by on their way and explain the importance of water resource protection to people walking along the river. Each member of the Camp participates in such activity in his or her own way. Up to now, the water quality monitoring has been conducted for 80 times, and related problems have been photographed and reflected for more than 100 times. To examine the water quality and to monitor water pollution have already become usual activities of the Camp, by which the changes of water quality can also be noticed constantly.

         Nevertheless, problems and obstacles occur inevitably. There are still fishes shocked by electricity somewhere in Changde. In addition, both inappropriate sewage disposal of factory and household waste of citizens exert severe negative impacts on the water quality. When members fail to persuade them from doing such thing, members would report the situation to relevant departments and media, followed by verification, criticism and education. The awareness of citizens regarding water resource protection has been enhanced to a large degree through a series of activities. Meanwhile, qualitative changes of water quality have been achieved through active cooperation with relevant departments. The success of the activity has expanded the influence of the Camp within Changde, even nationwide, attracting more attention from the masses. 

         On May 4, the Camp cleaned the beach and examined water quality of water intake of urban area of Changde.

         Volunteers were patrolling Maoli Lake in Jinshi for water quality examination during summer vacation.

         Volunteers were examining the quality of water intake of urban area of Changde, followed and shot by Changde TV station.

    4. Tomorrow is a better day for bird protection

         At present, the Camp has already been equipped with sufficient scale and well-functioned mechanism. To protect birds is to protect us, which is the original intention of the Camp as well as the belief to continue their journey. In the future, the Camp plans to cultivate more and more volunteers to make undergraduates know how to protect the environment correctly and effectively, to persuade people not to set bird-catching nets or do harm to water resource, and to mobilize people for power-gathering for the sake of environmental protection. To protect the environment is not to make one person do a lot but to make everyone do a little. The Camp believes that tomorrow is a better day for bird protection.



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