“Father Pigeon” Warms the “Left-behind” Children

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        “Dear Father Pigeon, I am happy to read your letter as a left-behind child. Thanks a lot for your concern. You make me feel warm.” That is a letter written by a Grade Four student Xu Wenkang to Changde Dingcheng Committee on Care for Children. It is also the 3000th reply from the “left-behind” children. From this April on, Dingcheng Committee on Care for Children, in the name of “Father Pigeon,” has sent letters to over 6,000 “left-behind” children. And in return, they have received 3000 replies. The “left-behind” children expressed their feelings in their letters, and many of them were eager to make friends with “Father Pigeon”.

    “Father Pigeon” is writing letters to the “left-behind” children.

    Letters from the “Left-behind” Children

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