Changde: China’s Beautiful Landscape City

    Date:2018-12-17 Source:Changde Official Web Portal Fonts:[ large medium small ]

         China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association (CECRPA) officially confirmed that Changde city was enrolled in the list of “China’s Beautiful Landscape Cities”. Changde is the only city in Hunan Province that won this honor.

         The selection of “China’s Beautiful Landscape Cities” was launched in September this year. Through the media selection, government confirmation and expert assessment, 12 cities were finally qualified including Changde, Meizhou, Nanjing, Nanning, Haikou, Xuancheng, Sanya, Yanan, Mianyang, Xishuangbanna, Shaoxing, and Linzhou. The selection activity aimed to find and promote the model of a landscape city where people and nature live in harmony.

         Changde Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always adhered to the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and kept improving the ecological environment management. The city has won a series of honorary titles, such as the first batch of Sponge Cities, National Climate Adaptive City, National Garden City, International Wetland City, National Forest city, and the Livcom Awards.

         In recent years, Changde’s ecological environment has improved significantly. In the first 10 months of this year, the rate of high-quality air in urban area was 86.2%, increasing by 5.3% year-on-year. The air quality ranking in the Hunan Province climbed by 3 places year-on-year. Among the 23 assessments of provincial level and above, the proportion of grade II-III water quality accounts for 95.7%. The number of wetland parks in Changde ranks the first in Hunan Province, and the existing wetland area reaches 190,100 hectares, accounting for 10.44% of the city’s land area. Vast wetlands are home to a large number of wetland species, and endangered animals such as Chinese merganser, white crane, black stork, and oriental white stork have reappeared in Changde with expanded populations.

         The ecological environment quality continues to improve because of the constant efforts to manage ecological environment. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are striving for natural ecology of clear waters and blue mountains. Policies are precisely implemented to advance the management and protection of ecological environment of the Dongting Lake. According to statistics, 50,800 mu (= 0.0667 hectares) of Populus nigras were eliminated in the core area of West Dongting Lake Nature Reserve, 206 dinas wharfs were cleared, 889 canals and ditches (2174.4 km in length) were cleaned, 57 mesh walls and 17,700 net cages were removed and 2394 scaled livestock and poultry farms within “two 1000 m” were shut down (horizontally and vertically < 1000 m in land area from the Dongting Lake offshore as well as < 1000 m in land area from centralized underground water supply point in rural area). Committed to green development and sponge city construction, the government shut down 238 clay brick factories and 366 coal mines for vigorous development of economy focusing on culture-oriented travel and beautiful countryside.

         The public opinion polls show that public satisfaction index (PSI) of ecological environment increases annually. According to annual evaluation of ecological environment construction jointly released by Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics and Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province, PSI of Changde ranks the first among 14 cities.



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