Rare Coins in the Warring States Period to Debut

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    Yu Jianwu's collection of the rare coins in the Warring States Period

        Yu Jianwu’s collection of the ancient coins dates back to the early 1990s, when he used to try his luck in scrapyards due to his low income. The rare coins in the Warring States Period were among his treasures found in the scraps. 

        Weighing from 3 to 17 grams, the coins are in big seal character, elegant, simple, flexible and vigorous.

        According to Yu Jianwu’s research, the coins were the ancient soldier's and provisions in 277 B.C., when Zhang Ruo, Commander of the Qin Dynasty, crusaded against Empire Chu in Changde. Yu said, "I am obsessed with coin collection for more than thirty years. Collecting ancient coins is a dialogue with our forefathers and the history." 

        Yu Jianwu's rare ancient coins are to be exhibited in Changde Numismatic Trade Expo in a few days. 

    Yu Jianwu's collection of the "Ant Nose Money".

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