Ten Bus Routes Closed or Adjusted

    Date:2018-01-28 Source:Changde Official Web Portal Fonts:[ large medium small ]

          On January 26, Municipal Transportation Bureau agreed to close and adjust ten bus routes to guarantee the safe drives for the citizens according to the real-time transportation information. By report, four bus routes of Line 12, Line 15, Line H16 and Line 13B have been closed. Six other routes will be adjusted as follows: the terminal station of each route will be shorted. Line 30 Changed to House of Citizens; Line 28 to Highway Administration Bureau; Line 42 not to Huanan Factory; Line 13A to Funeral Par lour(19:00—24:00 closed); Line 22 to Huashan Bridge; Line 29 to College Town. All the adjustments are subject to change with the weather notice.

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