“Perfect Community”Project in Changde

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 Initiation of“Perfect Community”Project

    In 2014, Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Government initiated the project of “Perfect Community” as a response to the deepening reform of Hunan Province. “Perfect Community” is people-oriented urbanization project which puts the interest of the people in the highest position and implements reform in the place closest to people--community. Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Government put forward the following requirements for the “Perfect Community” construction: infrastructure improvement, management innovation and community autonomy. This project aims to improve livelihood of people and arouse vitality of grass-roots Party organizations by the means of creating beautiful community environment, building sound management system and providing convenient service for the community residents. It commits to build community into the real “home” of the residents.

Cooperation between Government and Enterprises

    Government is responsible for standardization of basic public service facilities in community. According to Civil Affairs Bureau of Changde, every sub-district must boast a police station, a school, a government affairs service center, a health and family planning service center, an entertainment center and a social service center. Every community must boast a community work station, a kindergarten, an outdoor entertainment activity place, a police room, a health and family planning service room, a entertainment room (veteran room), a meeting room for Party members/residents and an archive room. The residents can enjoy the convenient service of medical care, education, entertainment and so on in their communities.
Every year, Changde Municipal Government will invest RMB 100 million in community infrastructure, including water supply, electricity supply, sanitarian equipments, landscaping, parking lot and so on. Moreover, it also tries to explore marketization in community infrastructure construction, encouraging enterprises and individuals to invest community service facilities by promising predictable repay. It requires that the new-built real estate should be equipped with public service facilities of education, health, culture, sports and so on.

 “3+N” Community Governance Model

    Community governance is very important for social governance. In order to improve community governance, Changde Municipal Government put forward “3+N” community governance model. “3” refers to community Party branch, community residents’ committee, and community workstation. “N” stands for numerous grids which form a organic management system. “3+N” community governance model aims to break through the traditional management framework and strives to develop an organization and operation system adapted to the modern community governance.
    “3+N” model is people-oriented and attaches great importance to informatization, grid management and social service. As for informatization, every community boasts an information platform to convey living state and requirements of residents into the relative departments through cloud computing center, which can promote the effective connection between service supply and residents’ demands and serve as a powerful support to seamless management. Grid management is characterized by numerous grids which are responsible for their own duties respectively but are combined together by means of a management system. It has the advantage of breaking boundaries of time and space. Social service is the key content of “Perfect Community” project in Changde. At present, Changde city is developing the “one brand” project: every community provides a social service with its own uniqueness. Every community gives priority to supplying the social service to the disadvantaged groups through such ways as donation, assistance project and volunteering.

Community Autonomy

    One of the important goals of “Perfect Community” project is to realize community autonomy, which means that residents are endowed with more rights to express their opinions, to attend community affairs and to manage themselves. Changde city is trying to realize the effective integration among government management, public service and community autonomy. In order to improve community autonomy, communities in Changde are holding various activities including model family selection, moral lecture delivery and charitable activities and so on.

Perfect Community Models
East Tiyu Road Community in Wuling District-- A Warm Homeland

    East Tiyu Road Community is a warm homeland for its residents. It boasts Sunshine Homeland which was established in 2009 and is the largest private non-profit organization to look after those of intelligence deficiency in the community. It strives to take advantage of the community resources to improve such abilities of those with mild mental retardation as cognitive ability, independent ability and social adaptation ability. Besides, it endeavors to help them establish a good relation with community, family, and neighborhood so that they can integrate to the society and enjoy equal rights. More importantly, it can provide those people with rehabilitation training so as to enable them to live a happy life.

Zhaoyang Street Community in Linli County-- A Happy Homeland

    Situated at the center of Linli County, Zhaoyang Street Community boasts a population of 10.2 thousand. It provides its residents with exercise facilities, rehabilitation training, psychological communication and entertainment activities. One shining point of this community is that there are volunteers to look after elders and pick up left-behind children and special persons to help those in trouble. Besides, the representatives from Party regularly attend meetings to discuss various community affairs ranging from big issues such as the planning of perfect community to small ones such as roof maintenance and sewage dredging. Every resident plays a role in community management, leading to effective community autonomy. The whole community is indeed like a big family.

Guanyin Alley Community in Taoyuan County-- A Harmonious Homeland

   Guanyin Alley Community, located at Zhangjiang Town in Taoyuan County, is one of perfect community models. It boasts a moral lecture base, a library, a gym, a volunteer team, a patrol, a fit-keeper model team and a service platform supplying such services as family planning, medicine care, and household management. People here live harmoniously together.

Huqiao Community in Jinshi County--A Cozy Homeland

    Huqiao Community is a cozy homeland. It boasts a wonderful Daily Care Center for Community Elders. The center, a non-profit organization equipped with elder lounge, activity room, canteen, and volunteer service station, etc., provides such services as daily life caring, psychological consolation, entertainment, and volunteer service for community elders. It serves as a good platform for elders to relax and is really a reassuring place for youngsters who have no time to look after their parents.

Guanshan Community in Shimen County-- A Joyful Homeland

    Located in the northern part of Chujiang Town, Guanshan Community covers an area of 6 km². The community promotes grid management and shines in its infrastructure including various activity squares, a multi-functional comprehensive building, and a service window. In addition, it also supplies convenient service facilities such as health care service room, elder care center, kindergarten and so on. People here live and work in peace and happiness.

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