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    “Smart(Intelligent) Changde” is an important development goal of Changde in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to setting innovation as the first motivation to drive development and intelligence as the first engine to promote innovation. We will enhance sci-tech innovation capacity, upgrade modern education, speed up informatization construction, intensify innovative atmosphere among society so as to accelerate Changde’s smart growth, build Changde into a smart city featuring innovation and transform Changde’s economic development from scale-driven and factor-driven model to innovation-driven and effect-driven one.

1. Enhancing Sci-tech Innovation Capacity
    We will let sci-tech innovation lead the way for overall innovation, deepen technology research and seek advanced breakthroughs, promote innovation transformation, develop a inclusive model of economy and people's well-being, safeguard property rights and encourage innovative initiatives. We will make every effort to turn Changde into the largest sci-tech R&D base and high-tech industrial base in northwestern Hunan province. By 2020, the proportion of R&D spending to GDP will reach above 2.3%, with high-tech output value growing at an annual average rate of around 15%.
Launching Major Science and Technology Projects
    We will centralize preferential resources to conduct a series of technological researches in industrial development and social well-being so as to make new breakthroughs and take the leading position in technology. In industry, we will begin to develop emerging industries, and focus on key industries such as high-end equipment, non-ferrous metal and new material, new energy, biotechnology, and e-information, etc. We will conduct integrated and cooperative technical researches in fields of new metal material, advanced composite material, advanced energy-storage material, enzyme preparation for environmental protection, etc. We will support firmly the researches for the deep processing of aluminum products, high-end engineering machinery equipment and generic technology of precision machinery. We will step up efforts to construct relative industrial technology chain including engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, modern agricultural equipment, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, while  developing vigorously emerging technology industrial chain such as new material, new energy, and e-information, etc. In agriculture, we will conduct deep processing of farm products, press ahead with the R&D of agricultural equipment technology, carry out demonstration project for agricultural technology, develop new farm products or new technologies such as seed cultivation. In people’s livelihood, we will strive to make technical breakthroughs for the benefit of people, enhance key technological innovation and apply it in fields of population health, ecology, public security, food safety, disaster prevention and reduction, etc. We will upgrade actively technology in energy conservation and emission reduction. Furthermore, we will promote demonstration of low carbon application.
Ensuring Enterprises’ Lead in Innovation
    We will try to let innovative elements such as financial resources, talents, technologies flow into enterprises, ensuring that entrepreneurs and technological pioneers play a key role in driving technological innovation so as to enable enterprises to become the mainstay in innovative decision-making, R&D input, scientific research implementation and innovation achievements application. By 2020, we will develop over 50 high-innovation enterprises and over 100 small and medium-sized enterprises and technological start-ups of independent innovation capacity. We will be market-oriented, taking leading industrial enterprises as the mainstay, and encouraging enterprises to cooperate more with colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, venture capital institutions and intermediary agencies. We will also encourage strategic alliance of industrial technology innovation based on various operating forms such as shareholding system, board of governors and membership system which feature shared interests and risks. By 2020, we will strive to build over 15 strategic alliances of industrial technology innovation of municipal level and above, and let our prominent enterprises win the approval from national key research and development projects (including national 863 Project and 973 Project). In the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we will increase the number of patent application in Changde city to 12,000 pieces and make sure that the ratio of effective invention patent reaches 3.3 pieces per 10 thousand people.
Promoting Transformation and Commercialization of Sci-tech Achievements
    We will let the market guide fully the configuration of innovative elements so as to make technological achievements become more capitalized and industrialized. Influenced by diversified interaction among enterprises, technology systems, colleges and universities, intermediary service institutions and investment institutions, we will set up a transformation system for technological achievements and a long-term mechanism for technology transfer, which are market-oriented, enterprise-based and multi-cooperated. We will build a trade service platform for transformation of technological achievements to enhance the construction of technology transformation channels such as technology market and equity transaction, technology financial service, enterprise demand collection and service, intermediary service which will receive our unremitting support. In the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we will finish the transformation and commercialization of 5 major sci-tech achievements and promote the application of 10 universal technology achievements. We will optimize Changde Technology Trade Net (, integrate innovative achievements from existing colleges and universities, R&D institutes, sci-tech incubators, high-tech zones and other industry parks, and promote the transformation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements by market-based methods. We will take more efforts to protect intellectual property rights, including strengthening the law enforcement of intellectual property infringement, improving the awareness and capacity of the whole community about intellectual property protection, and develop Changde into a national demonstration city for intellectual property rights protection.
Developing Sci-tech Incubators and Cooperation Platforms
    We will stick to the principles of demand-orientation, win-win sharing, innovative service, comprehensive usage to build a series of sci-tech platforms featuring research and development, incubation and cooperation. We will try to develop Changde Economic and Technological Development Zone and Dingcheng High-tech District into incubators for comprehensive sci-tech enterprises, develop Xidongting Administrative District into incubator for biology and sci-tech enterprises, Wuling Industry Park into incubator for mobile Internet and e-business enterprises. We will comply with the incubating model of “professional incubation + entrepreneur mentor + angel investment” as a way to build a service system featuring “entrepreneur nursery + incubator+ accelerator”. We will cultivate a series of national and provincial innovation platforms including enterprise technology R&D centers, engineering technology research centers or engineering research centers. We will attach great importance to the national engineering technology research centers in Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd.,Huanan Potoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Changde Jinpeng Printing Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhongtai Special Equipment Co., Ltd., Changde Tobacco and Machinery Co., Ltd. In addition, we will encourage all other enterprises in Changde  to upgrade themselves to become the provincial engineering research centers. We will give 8 academician workstations including Yunjin Textile Group academician workstation more support, and encourage academicians and their scientific research teams to work together with enterprises to conduct jointly scientific research and achievements transformation. We will deepen cooperation with Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and seek progress in our city’s biotechnology and health food processing. By 2020, we are about to set up over 5 national sci-tech incubators, over 15 provincial innovative incubators and over 20 academician workstations and post-doctor research stations.
Accelerating the Construction of Sci-tech Innovative Parks
    We will try to build National High-tech Industry Park according to the pattern of “One District and Three Parks” (Dingcheng High-tech District as the core, while Hanshou High-tech Park, Xidongting Biology Sci-tech Park and Wulin Industry Park as the branches), striving to develop Changde into the biggest high-tech industrial R&D and transformation base in northwestern Hunan. We will also encourage actively Linli, Lixian, Jinshi and other counties to  build provincial high-tech industry park so as to improve regional innovation capacity in an all round way. Based on “One Zone”(Changde National Agricultural Sci-tech Zone), “Three Parks” (Agricultural Science and Incubating Park, Intensive Processing for Farm Product and Modern Logistics Park, and Ecological Plantation Park) and “Six Demonstration Bases” (Dingcheng Rice Base, Lixian Oil Crops Base, Jinshi Pig Breeding Base, Taoyuan Poultry and Eggs Base, Shimen Orange Base, Hanshou Aquatic Product Base), we will try to develop a core demonstration zone of modern agricultural science and technology around Dongting Lake. With our efforts, sci-tech innovation chain, industry chain and product chain will make jointly business flow more fluently while complementary to each other, and ensure the comprehensive integration and chained development of crop planting, intensive processing, efficient farming and logistic allocating, etc.
COLUMN: Major Sci-tech Innovation Projects
Construction of Sci-tech Innovative Parks
    National High-tech Industry Park; Changde National Agricultural Sci-tech Park.
Construction of Sci-tech Platforms
    Sci-tech transfer and achievements transformation platform (technological transfer centers in Changde by over 5 scientific research institutes;  transformation and industrialization of 5 major sci-tech achievements; application of 10 generic technological achievements)
    Enterprises’ sci-tech innovation platforms (over 5 national sci-tech innovation platforms such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Chinese National Engineering Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory by key enterprises such as Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd.,Huanan Potoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhongtai Special Equipment Co., Ltd.)
R&D and Application of Advanced Technology
    Advanced pharmaceutical technology and medical devices (R&D and industrialization of automatic stopping and precise filtering infusion set by Hunan Pingan Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd., R&D of non-PVC extracorporeal circulated vascular access; technical development of modafinil of Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; R&D of DaVinci Robotic Surgery System by the First People’s Hospital of Changde, etc.)
    Advanced food processing technology (Joint research of dynamic detection diagram and database of different years’ Maotai-flavor wine by Wuling Wines Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University of Science and Technology; research of key technology of quick-freezing rice product of Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd.; R&D of pasteurised milk by Jinjian Dairy Co., Ltd.)
    Advanced industrial technology (joint research by Changde Wuling Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology about the development and industrialization of the key generic technology in coated wrapping which is environmental, cost-effective, aluminum-free and water-based; key technology development and industrialization of new fibrous textile by Yunjin Group Co., Ltd., etc.)

2. Building an Educationally Advanced City
    Guided by innovative development and serving social and economic development, we will promote the strategy of “Educationally Advanced City”. We will balance the development of  education of different levels, keep deepening education reform, increase education vitality and build Changde into a regional education center.
Balancing Development of the Basic Public Education
    We will establish a basic public education system that is based on compulsory education and covers preschool education and senior high school education. We will encourage the development of private education and protect enrollment of the vulnerable group.We will make preschool education universal and adhere to its commonweal and inclusive nature. We will support the development of preschool education in rural and poor areas.We will set up an education pattern of government leading, social participation and simultaneous development of both public and private education. We will balance development of compulsory education,  plan scientifically and adjust layout of schools and teachers, accelerate the standardization of urban and rural compulsory education, facilitate communication between urban and rural teachers to promote the equitable development of education. We will improve the quality of high school education, not only by strengthening NO.1 High School, but also by coordinating the development of other high schools. We will support the development of private education and introduce actively domestic well-known educational institutions into Changde to create a diversified education system. We will insist on education equality and protect the enrollment right of the disabled or left-behind children or the students from poor and migrant workers’ families. In 2020, the enrollment of preschool children from the age 3 to 5 will reach 82%; that of primary school and junior high school 100%; that of senior high school 96%.
Accelerating Vocational Education Development
    Taking development as ultimate purpose and promotion of employment as specific direction, we will build Changde into the educational center of the northwest in Hunan province. On the one hand, we will improve constantly the quality of modern vocational education; on the other hand, we will construct a modern vocational education system suitable for the demand of development, integrating production and teaching, including secondary vocational schools and higher vocational colleges, and winning recognition from general higher education. We will explore a brand-new school-running mode and encourage and support the higher vocational colleges to develop into the prominent colleges at the provincial level, even at the national levels according to the idea of government making overall arrangement, schools and enterprises cooperating with each other. In order to cultivate a series of characteristic professionalism leading in the province and being at the first level in the country and do all we can to let the number of double-professional teachers up to the 50% among the professional teachers in 2020, we will explore energetically the mechanism of cooperative school-running between educational departments and schools, encourage schools to make experiments such as commissioned cultivation, directed education and order form training, push forward the combination of work-integrated learning, flexible educational system and modular teaching experiment,and increase specific gravity of practice training in the real teaching activities. We will develop higher vocational education in the city and secondary vocational education in the counties to optimize the layout of vocational education, and guide the higher vocational education to agglomeration development. Furthermore, we will speed up the construction of Changde College City for vocational colleges and Hunan Financial and Economical Vocational College. We will support all counties to develop secondary vocational education with their own distinct features.
Developing Higher Education
    We will encourage and support universities to strengthen the construction of key majors, disciplines and teaching staff. We will give special support to Hunan University of Arts and Science to apply for master's degree authorization, add majors and promote international exchanges. Moreover, we will expand Hunan Applied Technology University and make it a local college that has regional influence. We will attach great importance to deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities and linking teaching, research and practice together so as to improve constantly the quality of higher education and promote the comprehensive development of students. We will encourage universities and research institutes  to participate and play a role of think-tank in the government strategic plans and decision-making consultation. We will increase our support to private or collectively-owned higher education by seizing the opportunity of Central and Western Higher Education Revitalization Plan. By 2020, over 5 colleges and universities will be built, with 50 thousand full-time students.
Developing Adult Education
    We will strengthen the adult education, develop steadily academic education and strive to develop non-academic education. We will intensify the training service, enlarge educational resources and encourage schools, scientific research institutions, enterprises and other relevant organizations to carry out education. We will strengthen the construction of educational institutions and network and develop educational resources in urban and rural communities. We will accelerate the construction of modern distance education, and use satellite, television and the Internet as a carrier to construct open distance public education service platform which can provide convenient, flexible and personalized learning environment for learners. We will advocate citywide reading and learning, carry out the urban and rural community learning, and expedite the construction of various types of learning organization. We will set up the life-long educational idea, pay attention to and support the old-age education.
COLUMN:  Major Educational Projects
    Basic Public Education: Changde Yali Experimental School; Lotus Middle School; quality improvement and space expansion of compulsory education schools in urban area; quality improvement and space expansion of all NO.1 High Schools in city and counties; quality improvement and space expansion of compulsory education schools in rural area; quality improvement and space expansion of all preschool education schools.
    Vocational Education: Construction of Changde Intelligence Valley(Changde College City); construction of Hunan Financial and Economical Vocational College; improvement of Changde Vocational College; application of Jinli Vocational School; quality improvement of all secondary vocational colleges.
    Higher Education: Application for master’s degree authorization by Hunan University of Arts and Science; expansion of Furong College and Hunan Applied Technology University.
    Other Education: Quality improvement of 3 special education schools in Jinshi, Taoyuan and Anxiang; construction of universities for the aged.


3. Accelerating Informatization Construction
    In order to build Changde into a smart city, we will devote great efforts to promoting the construction of information infrastructure, the intensive sharing of information resources, and the collaborative integration of application service. We will build Changde as a regional smart center with ubiquitous and unified network platform, coordinated and efficient public administration, inclusive and convenient public service, and innovative and efficient industrial economy.
Improving Information Infrastructure Construction
    We will  promote vigorously the “optical network city ” construction and the fourth generation mobile communication (4G) network development by carrying out the “Broadband China” strategy and constructing “Broadband City”. We will accelerate the construction of new WIFI hotspots in public places and realize full coverage of free WIFI in key areas as soon as possible. By 2020, we will build high-speed,mobile and safe information infrastructure. Changde’s Internet bandwidth will reach 5000 Gbps and the optical network and 4G network will cover everywhere. We will consolidate information application foundation. We will strengthen the architecture research of Internet of Things so as to accelerate the extensive infrastructure formation. We will promote the application of sensing devices in public service, such as QR code, RFID, sensor, and monitor. We will ensure information safety. We will  plan, build and use synchronously network infrastructure and security facilities. We will implement classification protection system of classified information in national key Party and government organizations and secret units. We will accelerate the construction of information security, emergency management, air defense command platform, and the mutual recognition platform of electronic signature and government information security monitoring platform.
Developing “Internet+” Economy
    We will implement National Big Data Strategy and the "Internet +" program. We will develop technology and application of Internet of Things and sharing economy, promote the integrated development of the Internet and economic society so as to make innovation in industrial organizations, business models, supply chains and Internet of Things. We will develop manufacturing-oriented “Internet+” economy. We will encourage the integration of major fields and Internet so as to exert innovative influence of Internet on such fields as industry, agriculture and energy. We will attach much importance to new forms of industry such as modern agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, and energy and environment protection. We will reengineer such production phases as research & development, design, manufacturing, marketing and customer feedback so as to promote the upgrading of traditional industries and their quality and efficiency. We will develop service-oriented “Internet+” economy. We will foster new service models and formats by exerting the innovation fruit of cloud computing, big data and the Internet to enhance networked and intelligent level of health care, culture and education, tourism and transportation, finance and logistics and so on. We will create several distinctive “Internet+” service industry clusters and improve the government’s capacity of service and supervision of “Internet+” economy. We will enlarge the contribution of “Internet+ " to enhancing people's quality of life and developing economic society.
Improving the Smart Service System
    With Changde Cloud Computing Center as the basis, we will integrate network resources in all areas, departments and industries to promote interoperability and resource sharing. We will strive to build a healthy pattern of convenient public service, detailed urban management, intelligent economic development and efficient operation of government. Focusing on such areas that are closely related to people’s livelihood as transportation, health, education, housing, social security, pension, travel, culture and sports, we will promote the application of information technology, striving to create an inclusive smart life. Focusing on the needs in detailed, visualized, intelligent city management, we will improve the level of informatization and in-depth application of information technology in such areas as urban management, food safety, environmental protection, social prevention and control, infrastructure, safety supervision, construction supervision, planning and design, in order to build a reliable and sophisticated smart urban management system. With development and utilization of government information resources as the core, we will take full advantage of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, through perception, integration, analysis and intelligent response, to achieve effective integration, process optimization and business collaboration of government resources. We will enhance government management and public service efficiency. We will construct smart communities, villages, parks and urban area to promote the construction of innovative pilots and application models。
COLUMN: Major Informatization Construction Projects 
    Information Infrastructure: Construction of Changde Cloud Computing Center; Construction of Infrastructures of China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom; Construction of Agricultural Information Network; Construction of Hunan Broadcasting System’s Internet Data Center in Shimen, etc.
    “Internet+”: Construction of Information Pilots Beneficial to People; Construction of Big Data Center in Lichow; Wuling Internet Pioneer Park; Dingcheng E-Commerce Industrial Park; Taoyuan “Internet +” Service Beneficial to People; Lixian E-Commerce Industrial Park.
    Smart City Construction: Smart Transportation (Public Parking Information Platform, Traffic Guidance System, Electronic Toll Collection on Highway, etc.); Smart Medical Care (Remote Diagnosis System, Medical Big Data Acquisition System, etc.); Smart Education (Online Education Platform, Fundamental Education Informatization, etc.); Smart Housing (Housing Security Administration Platform, etc.); Smart Social Security(E-card Construction, etc.); Smart Tourism (E-ticket, Self-help Guidance, Video Surveillance, etc.); Smart Recreational and Sports (Public Sports Facilities Supervision Platform, etc.); Smart Pension (Remote Health Surveillance, etc.); Smart Urban Management (Comprehensive Urban Management Platform, etc.); Smart Food Safety Supervision; Smart Environmental Protection; Smart Security and Protection; E-Gov Unified Platform; Government Big Data Center, etc.

4. Encouraging Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    In the times of entrepreneurship and innovation, with fostering entrepreneurship spirit as the leader, we will implement earnestly the national policies and measures and set off comprehensively a new wave of "mass entrepreneurship" and "grass-roots entrepreneurship" in order to cultivate a new form of "popular innovation" and "everyone innovation". We will spare no efforts to maintain the speed of economic development, increase volume of economy and improve quality of economic development. We will promote the quality and efficiency of economic development.
Promoting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    We will strengthen publicity and education of entrepreneurship with innovation as the core in the whole society by exerting the effect of various media, such as newspapers, television, Internet, etc. We will  carry forward vigorously “well-educated and propriety-mined, humane, modest and humble, tolerant, frank” humanistic spirit, try to get rid of peasant's mentality of being “content with little achievement”, and abandon “pseudo-modern, fake open-up, slack” behaviors. Instead, we will foster a culture of innovation and create a favorable environment for innovation in which people venture to break new ground and failure is tolerated, establish a value which advocates innovation and adores entrepreneurial wealth, strive to foster entrepreneurship and maker culture and set examples of typical characters, by which the mass entrepreneurship and innovation will become the order of the day in the whole society.
Providing Platforms for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    We will strengthen the construction of innovation capacity support system and explore and construct the long-term mechanism for popular science education bases, large-scale scientific instruments, technological infrastructure and patent information resources open to the society. Qualified public places, such as science and technology museums, museums and libraries will open for free. We will create actively national popular science education bases and strive to build a new national science popularization base and five provincial ones. We will strengthen the construction of entrepreneurship and innovation carriers,  promote vigorously the new incubating models such as the maker space, start-up cafe, innovation works, etc. We will build several demonstration bases of specialized maker space by virtue of favorable conditions of the existing parks, bases and universities, research institutes and enterprises. We will enrich innovation and entrepreneurship activities and hold “Changde Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, “Changde E-commerce Competition for College Students”, “Changde Occupational Skills Contest”, etc. We will hold various activities and exhibitions to encourage entrepreneurs, professionals, returning brains and other entrepreneurs to start business in Changde.
Optimizing Environment for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    We will lower the threshold of starting business. We will deepen the reform of commercial systems and accelerate integrating the business license, the organization code certificate, and the certificate of taxation registration into one document and the reform of “one business license,one unified social credit code”. We will implement the reform of "Business License First, Relevant Permit Then" and promote the electronic registration and electronic business license application. We will establish a negative list of market access, get rid of irrational restricted access and establish small and micro businesses directory relying on business credit information disclosing system to enhance information transparency. We will offer more financial support. We will formulate policies supportive to starting business and making innovation. We will give full play to the initiative of innovators through government procurement, direct investment, financial subsidy, loan with discounted interest, tax preference, R & D expense deduction and other forms. We will encourage banks to make innovation in financial services and products, supporting loan risk compensation, patent pledge loan, scientific and technological insurance and other related financial business. We will give credit aid priority to those tech-oriented enterprises that engage in studying, developing and applying new technologies because they are common in high scientific and technological content, in strong innovation and in good potential for growth. We will support eligible enterprises in financing through Initial Public Offerings (IPO), issuing notes or bond. We will encourage counties to introduce supportive policies with their own characteristics and liquidize actively idle commercial buildings, industrial plants, business warehouse, logistics facilities and private homes, rental housing and other resources to provide cost-effective offices and living conditions for entrepreneurs.
Building a Talent Highland of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Focusing on cultivating high-level talents, enhancing the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, giving full play to the role of talent, we will  implement vigorously the strategy of “City Revitalization by Talents” to build a talent highland of entrepreneurship and innovation. We will strengthen talent training. We will invest more in human resource development and continue to implement the following projects: “four one” talent project, innovation team construction, high-skilled “master” project, rural practical talent project, technological entrepreneurship of science and technology correspondent in rural area, cultivation of undergraduates in grass roots. By this way, we will cultivate a number of high-quality Party and government talents, business management talents and professional and technical talents. We will also attach importance to elderly science and technology talents. We will strengthen talent introduction. We will make more favorable policies to attract talents, make amendments to improve the introduction of talents to Changde, and make efforts to establish comparative advantages in the surrounding areas. We will introduce talents in a more flexible way, encouraging short-term employment, part-time jobs, collaborative research, projects biding, technical guidance, and introduce much-needed high-level talents in the field of key industries, key projects, key disciplines and key technologies. We will offer better service to introduce talents, focusing on solving the fear of attacks from behind and strengthening emotional ties, care about them and care for them. We will implement earnestly “Opinions on Strengthening the New Think Tank Construction with Chinese Characteristics” and strengthen the construction of think tank of Changde. By 2020, the total amount of human resources will reach 500 thousand, among which 170 thousand are professional and technical personnel, 100 thousand high-skill talents.


          Translated by Li Haijun, You Xiaochen, Zhang Jinfang, Chen Qian, Li Si, Wu Yao, etal.

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