Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone

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  1. Introduction to Dongting Lake

  Located in northeastern Hunan province, China, Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake teeming with fish. It is a flood basin of the Yangtze River and therefore its size depends on the season. Hubei province and Hunan province are named after their location relative to the lake: Hubei means “North of the Lake” and Hunan means “South of the Lake” in Chinese. Dongting Lake is famous in Chinese culture as the place of origin of dragon boat racing to memorialize Qu Yuan, a famous patriot in the Chu State. It is a home to the Finless Porpoise, which is endangered in China.




    2. Cities Covered by Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone

  Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone covers Yueyang City, Changde City, Yiyang City, Wangcheng District (Changsha City) of Hunan Province and Jingzhou City of Huibei Province. It covers an area of 60.5 thousand square kilometers and has a total population of 22 million. It boasts 22 marketable grain base counties, 9 marketable cotton base counties, 13 aquatic product base counties and 5 state basic farmland protection demonstration zones. It occupies 1.5% of China’s grain planting area and provides 2.3% of China’s grain, 6.4% of China’s cotton, 4.7% of China’s oil and 7.8% of China’s fresh water fish.


  1) Yueyang City

  Located in the northeastern corner of Hunan Province and on the southern shores of Dongting Lake, Yueyang is a city with a history of more than 3000 years. It covers an area of 14,896 square kilometers and has a total population of more than 5 million. It consists of Yueyanglou District, Yunxi District, Junshan District, Huarong County, Linxiang City, Xiangyin County, Pingjiang County, Miluo City and Yueyang County. Yueyang Tower is the most famous attraction in it, enjoying the reputation of “Three Great Towers of Jiangnan” with Pavilion of Prince Teng in Jiangxi Province and Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei Province.




  2) Changde City

  Located in the northwest of Hunan Province and adjacent to the vast Dongting Lake on the east, Changde City boasts a history of more than 8000 years and covers a total area of 18,200 square kilometers. Changde City has a total population of 5717218 and enjoys a 3-dimensional transportation system incorporating aviation, railway, highway/expressway and waterway. Due to its advantageous geographical location, the city was historically called “the throat of Guizhou and Sichuan and the gateway of Yunnan and Guizhou”. It consists of Wuling District, Dingcheng District, Taohuayuan Administrative District, Xidongting Administrative District, Xihu Administrative District, Changde Economy and Technology Development Zone, Liuye Lake Tourism Resort, Anxiang County, Lixian County, Jinshi County, Shimen County, Linli County and Hanshou County. It boasts many famous landscapes such as Liuye Lake Scenic Resort, Taohuayuan Scenic Resort and so on. The Yuan River and Li River, two of the longest rivers in Hunan Province, run through almost all the counties and districts of Changde.



  3) Yiyang City

  Located in the northern part of Hunan Province and adjacent to Dongting Lake, Yiyang is a city with a history of more than 2000 years. It covers an area of 12,144 square kilometers and has a total population of more than 4 million. It consists of Ziyang District, Heshan District, Yuanjiang City, Nan County, Taojiang County and Anhua County. The Zi River, one of the longest rivers in Hunan Province, runs through it. Dark tea in Anhua of Yiyang enjoys a good reputation among consumers in China and abroad.



  4) Jingzhou City

  Located in the heart of the Jianghan Plain and at the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Jingzhou City is a south-central city in Hubei Province. It boasts a long history of more than 2,600 years and is the birthplace of the Chu Culture and the center of the Three Kingdoms (220-280 A.D.) culture. It covers an area of 14100 square kilometers and has a population of 658,000. It consists of Jingzhou District, Shashi District, Jiangling County, Songzi County, Gong’an County, Jianli County, Shishou City and Honghu City. With Wuhan City to the east, Yichang City to the west, Changde City of Hunan Province to the south, and Jingmen City and Xiangyang City to the north, it serves as a transportation hub and a key port city along the Yangtze River as well as in the Sichuan-Hunan-Hubei Economic Belt. It is also a national production base of textile, grain, cotton, oil and freshwater fish.



  5) Wangcheng District

  Wangcheng District is one of six urban districts of Changsha City, the capital of Hunan Province. It covers an area of 951 square kilometers, accounting for 8.05% of Changsha City, and has a population of 527,600. Located in the central west of Changsha and in the low reaches of the Xiang River, Wangcheng District adjoins east to Changsha County, Miluo City, north to Xiangyin City, Heshan District of Yiyang City, west to Ningxiang City, southwest to Yuelu District, southeast to Kaifu District. It consists of 10 towns. It abounds in fish and is rich in minerals. It was called “City of Hope” by former Chairman Jiang Zemin for its promising development prospect.



  3. Advantages of Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone

  1) Advantageous Transportation: The Yangtze River and the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway merge in Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone which also boasts many expressways and high-speech railways. 

  2) Good Economic Foundation: Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone is an important production base of grain, cotton, oil and fish in China. It is also rich in minerals and boasts such backbone industries as manufacturing industry, textile industry, petrochemical industry and light industry.

  3) Rich Culture: There are many cultural relics in Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone such as Jingzhou Ancient Town, Taohuayuan Scenic Resort, Yueyang Tower and so on. Especially, Jingzhou City is the birthplace of the Chu Culture and the center of the Three Kingdoms.

  4) Important Ecological Function: Dongting Lake Ecological Economy Zone plays an important role in balancing ecology. There are in it wetlands of more than 6000 square kilometers and many rare and endangered animals under state protection.  




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