Introduction of Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd.

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  Founded in 1998, Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd is located in Changde, a beautiful city which boasts the Taohuayuan Tourism Resort, which is the prototype of the Shangri-la far from the cruel reign of the Qin Dynasty described in Records of Peach Blossom Source by the famous poet Tao Yuanming in the East Jin Dynasty, and the Chentoushan Cultural Relics, which is internationally well-known as “the first ancient aity in China” and for its earliest paddy field in the world.
  In the year of its establishment, Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd. became the first listed company of Hunan grain industry and shouldered the banner of agricultural industrialization.In 2013, Hunan Grain Group became the biggest sharer of Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd., which laid a solid foundation for its industrial transformation and upgrading and leap-frog development.


  Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd. spares no efforts to construct ecological industry chain and provide consumers with natural and healthy food.
  Thanks to the rice plantation with favorable environment, it provides consumers with various kinds of rice such as healthy and delicious local indica, northeast rice and Thai rice.
  With high-quality and natural raw materials and advanced production line, it provides consumers with nutritious and delicious noodles without any food additive.  
  With high-quality raw materials and thanks to physical cold pressing process and refined oil winterization technology, it provides consumers with nutritious and healthy edible oil.
  With unique rice noodle freshness-retaining technology which brought for the company the second prize of NationalPrizeforProgressinScienceandTechnology, it provides consumers with the “99NKY1002-3 moisturized rice noodle”’ which is free corrosion remover and very popular in China and abroad.
  With four large-scale cow farms and nearly ten thousands cows and thanks to scientific management and advance technology, it is the National School Milk Source Upgrading Plan Demonstration Base and provides consumers with nutritious and healthy milk.

Science and Technology

  Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd. pays great attention to science and technology which plays a very important role in the research and development of its products.
  It established cooperation with more than 10 research institutes and universities in China, focusing on the research and development of healthy and nutritious food of high-end quality. Meanwhile, it took various measures to activate its technicians to make innovation. With the assistance of science and technology, its products made a transformation from primary processing to refined processing, and it aims at providing new healthy products instead of ordinal products.
  It boasts a national post-doctoral scientific workstation, National Rice Processing Technology Research and Development Branch, Hunan Rice Processing Technology Research Center, Hunan Technology Center. It undertook more than 30 national or provincial science and technology research projects, including State Ninth Five-year Plan Science and Technology Research Projects and State 863 Projects. It won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for five times. It obtained 32 national patents.


  Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., in the lists of the First Key Flagship Enterprises of Agriculture Industrialization, National Excellent Food Enterprise, State High-quality Rice Demonstration Base, National-level Science and Technology Innovation Flagship Enterprise.
  “GAEA GEM” won the honor of “Top 500 Valuable Brands of China” for 5 consecutive years. “GAEA GEM Rice” and “GAEA GEM Noodle” won the honor of “Famous Brand Product of China”. “GAEA GEM” won the honor of “Famous Brand of China”.
  “GAEA GEM” products prevail in more than 2800 large KA markets nationwide, reaching all provincial capital cities and 85% of prefecture-level cities, and are exported to many countries and regions such as U.S, Japan, Korea, EU and Southeast Asia.


  Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd. aims at the annual sales of RMB 10 billion in the near future and concentrates on the development of “6+1 industrial clusters”:
  Establishing Jinjian Rice Group.
  Establishing Jinjian Noodle Group.
  Establishing Jinjian Edible Oil Group.
  Developing high-end yoghurt and “Milk Love” chain shop.
  Establishing Jinjian Pharmacy Group.
  Developing comprehensive domestic and international trade including grain purchase and sale, grain storage, production and sale of cereal and edible oil foodstuffs, production and sale of feed-stuffs.
  Developing new healthy products such as special camellia oil, rice products, special rice powder, nutrient coarse cereal noodle, highland barley products and snake food.



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