Dream Lost in Taohuayuan--Li Anhua and Her “100 Beds Museum”

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  Girls Throwing down Silk Ball on the Tower Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)

  Xue Pinggui Returning to His Cave-house Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)

  Three Harmonious and Peaceful Generations(The Qing Dynasty)

  The Emporer Wen Visiting Jiang Ziya Cared Bed(The Qing Dynasty)


  The Emporer Selecting the Son-in-law(The Qing Dynasty)

  Squirrels and Grapes Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty) 


  Prosperity of Five Generations Carved Bed(The Qing Dyansty) 


  Perfect Match Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)


  Noble Husband and Honored Wife Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)


  Mulan Returning Victoriously to Her Home Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)

  Mengzheng Meeting His Wife Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)


  Kong Rong Giving up the Biggest Pear Carved Bed(Rublic of China) 


  Hundred Birds Facing the Sun Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)

  Heavenly God Blessing the People Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty) 


  Harmonious Wife and Husband Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty) 


  Eight Immortals' Gathering Carved Bed(The Qing Dynasty)


  Located in the Taohuayuan Resort, a well-known historical site and beautiful scenic spot in Changde, “100 Beds Museum” covers an area of more than 1400 square meters in which are exhibited 100 exquisite “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds handed down from the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. These “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds are big in size but exquisite in design, strange in shape but accessible in imagination, succinct in line but complicated in carving. Among them the carved bed “Three Harmonious and Peaceful Generations (Sui He San Dai)” is entitled No. 1 carved bed in China and is estimated to cost more than RMB 100 million. In “100 Beds Museum”, each bed boasts its own history and shows to the visitors a unique “cultural world”. “100 Beds Museum” is the only “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds exhibition site in China and thus a highlight in Taohuayuan Resort, providing visitors with a cultural enjoyment in addition to the beautiful landscape of Taohuayuan.

  We owe “100 Beds Museum” to Lady Li Anhua, a lucky dreamer who spent nearly all her earnings to collect “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds. Her experience of collecting “Taoyuan craftsmanship” carved beds is a legend.

  In 1989, Li Anhua was sent to Beijing for further study for three months as a judicial cadre, during which she took it as her weekly schedule to linger in the Palace Museum with her water bottle. Weeks later, she got acquainted with a staff in the Palace Museum, Liu, who saw Li Anhua as a bosom friend because of her ardent love and inquisitiveness for antiques in the Palace Museum.

  Knowing that Li Anhua was from Taoyuan of Hunan, Liu acclaimed repeatedly the intelligence of the Taoyuan people. From Liu, Li Anhua knew for the first time “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” which had enjoyed great reputation in the imperial palace. Meanwhile, she knew that many Taoyuan craftsmen had taken part in the construction of the Palace Museum and nearly every corner of the Palace Museum was impressed by the skillful craftsmanship of them. As a native of Taoyuan, Li Anhua was quite ashamed of both Liu’s praise of “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” and her absolute ignorance of it.

  After her study in Beijing, she returned to Hunan. She found her own law firm in Changsha and got great success. After several years’ hard work, she became a famous lawyer in Hunan. Once a time, Li Anhua came to Taoyuan to deal with a case. By chance, she saw an exquisite Taoyuan carving in a client’s home and without a second thought she bought it. Soon after, she was on a business trip to Hefei of Anhui, during which she was guided by a local friend to visit the old house of Li Hongzhang(the most important official in the late Qing Dyansty). When she talked about the “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” after her friend’s introduction of the world-famous “Anhui Carving” in front of Li Hongzhang’s bed, the confusing expression of her friend made Li Anhua feel very depressed and an idea came to her mind quickly--collecting “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds and spreading their influence.

  From then on, Li Anhua began her collection career. In the first ten years, she was a green hand and learned modestly experience from other collectors. With time going on, she became more and more experienced and invested her earnings in collection of “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds. As soon as she found the valuable “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds, she would try her best to procure it. During her collection time, Li Anhua found that many “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds were sold to other places of China and even to other countries. She tried every effort to get them back, which brought her lots of doubts, and even ridicules. Neglecting all the doubts and ridicules, she continued in her way of collecting “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds, because she had a dream in her mind. Twenty years passed by, she succeeded in collecting more than 100 “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds and became a famous collector in Changde.

  In 2012, with the support of the Changde City Government, Li Anhua opened her “100 Beds Museum” in Taohuayuan Resort, realizing her dream of spreading the influence of “Taoyuan Craftsmanship” carved beds. Now, “100 Beds Museum” is a shining pearl in the Taohuayuan Resort and embraces visitors from all places of world with its exquisite craftsmanship and rich culture.


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Translator: Li Haijun

Chinese source: http://www.zhbcg.com/


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