112 Traffic Accident Emergency Service

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  112 Traffic Accident Emergency Service
  112 is the telephone number of the traffic accident emergency service center.
  When calling 112, you should inform the operator of the time and location of the accident being reported, and the injury to people and damage to vehicles.
  If both parties to the accident think they can resolve the matter by themselves, they should move the vehicles off the road so as not to disrupt the traffic and resolve the problem.  In other situations, if the accident scene needs to be investigated, you must mark the accident location, and move the vehicle off the road while waiting for the traffic police to arrive.
  If a vehicle fails to stop after being involved in an accident,please remember its license plate number. If you cannot see the number, please remember the main features of the vehicle such as model make and color.
  When traffic accidents involve casualties, please call 120 (traffic accident emergency service) immediately; do not disturb the scene intact and do not move the injured people.
  Dialing 120 is free of charge. You can dial it from any local landline or mobile. If you are calling from another city, you should add the city code in front of 120 when dialing.
  The best way to handle traffic accidents is to inform the traffic police. Before their arrival at the scene, do not disturb it.
  From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn



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