120 Medical Emergency Service

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  120 Medical Emergency Service
  120 is the telephone number of the medical emergency service center.
  When calling 120, you should provide information about the location, age, gender and medical cindition of the patient. If you cannot identify the location, please indicate the general position, such as in which street, which direction, nearby buildings etc.
  Do your best to specify the symptoms of the patient, such as chest pain, coma, bleeding, vomiting, and any breathing difficulties.
  Do your utmost to specify the time and type of the patient's illness or injury. If it is an accidental injury, you should inform the operator of the cause, such as electric shock, explosion, landslide, drowning, fire, poisoning and traffic accident. Inform the operator of the injured's location and the situation of the patient.
  Tell the operator your particular needs, and ask for the approximate time of the ambulance's arrival.
  Dialing 120 is free of charge. You can dial it from any local landline or mobile. If you are in another city, you should add the city code in front of 120 when dialing.
  If you know the patient's medical history, please provide it to the first-aid personnel for reference when calling the emergency services.
  From: http://www.enghunan.gov.cn



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