Changde Bureau of Agriculture

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  Add: Renmin East Road, Changde, 415000
  Tel: 0736—2519899
  Changde Bureau of Agriculture is a governmental department in charge of agriculture and the development of the agricultural economy.
  Main Responsibilities:
  1. To study and draft strategies regarding agricultural production and the development of the agricultural economy, mid-term and long-term plans, and organise their implementation upon approval; to draft agricultural development programs and supervise their implementation.
  2. To guide the reasonable industrial restructuring of agriculture, rational allocation of agricultural resources and improvement of product quality; to organise the drafting of local laws and regulations for planting;take charge of the administrative enforcement of laws and administrative lawsuit and reconsideration issues concerning agriculture.
  3. To study and draft guidelines and measures on the industrial management of agriculture, and promote the integration of agricultural pre-production, production and post-production; to organise and coordinate the construction of the market system for agricultural products and production means; to predict and publish economic information about the supply and demand of agricultural products and production means.
  4. To organise the local planning of agricultural resources, development of ecological agriculture and the sustainable development of agriculture; to guide the exploitation of farmlands, deserted lands, wetlands amenable to agriculture, and rural renewable resources as well as the protection and administration of agricultural species; to conduct the supervision and management of agricultural environmental protection under the unified supervision and guidance of environmental protection departments; to organise general investigations regarding harmful organism epidemics; to conduct water-saving agriculture.
  5. To draft development plans and relevant policies for agricultural scientific research, education, technology popularisation, and personnel fostering; to implement the strategy of developing agriculture through science and education; to organise the selection and implementation of major scientific research and technology popularisation projects; to direct the work of agricultural education and the development of agricultural vocational skills, and the relevant associations and social groups.
  6. To draft technical standards for agricultural industries and organise their implementation; to organise the implementation of quality supervision and accreditation of superior–quality products and green foods as well as the protection of new species of agricultural plants; to organise and coordinate the quality monitoring, identification and law enforcement supervision over agricultural materials such as seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, etc.
  7. To undertake agricultural foreign affairs authorised by the City Government, and organise the implementation of agricultural aid programs; to organise relevant foreign economic and technical exchanges and cooperation.
  8. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the City Party Committee and City Government.



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