Changde Bureau of Labour and Social Security

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  Add: The Labour and Social Security Building, Wuling North Avenue, Changde City,
  Tel: 0736—7817108
  Main responsibilities:
  1. To implement the basic principles, policies and the overall reform program of national labour and social insurance; to draft appropriate approaches and programs for the city’s actual development; to formulate working regulations and plans for the city’s labour and social security.
  2. To implement the national labour and social insurance laws and regulations; to draw up, submit, revise and sort out local laws and regulations on labour and social insurance and drafts of administrative regulations; to check regulatory documents released by relevant departments; to supervise and inspect the implementation of the laws, rules and regulations on labour and social security by employment groups, and organise the investigation and punishment in cases violating these laws, rules and regulations; to be responsible for the supervision of labour security in the employing units directly under the administration of the city, and manage the serDeputy and consultation institutes of labour and social insurance policy in this city.
  3. To formulate the basic policies and measures for urban and rural labourer's employment; to plan and instruct the development of the labour market, and organise the establishment and management of the employment serDeputy system; to organise the implementation of the re-employment program; to be responsible for the management of the employment / re-employment fund.
  4. To formulate basic regulations for the adjustment of labour relationships, take charge of managing labour contracts, undertake the management and verification of labour contracts, and manage the evaluation and verification of collective contracts; to be responsible for the city’s labour dispute and arbitration work; to supervise the implementation of policies concerning workers' working hours, rest and holiday systems, workers' welfare systems and labour protection for female workers, underage employees and special jobs.
  5. To formulate the enterprise salary guidelines and the Province's minimum salary standards, and supervise their implementation; to comprehensively coordinate policies of salary systems in enterprises in this city; to formulate the policies and income allocation measures for all walks of life, evaluate enterprises’ gross salaries and salary standards for the enterprises’ main managers; to supervise and inspect, with relevant agencies, the internal and external income components of the enterprises' salaries.
  6. To formulate the reform programs, development plans and basic policies regarding medical treatment, industrial injury and maternity insurance systems, and organise their implementation; to formulate policies, treatment programs and standards for collecting medical funds, and industrial injury and maternity insurance funds; to formulate policies and measures regarding social planning for medical funds, and industrial injury and maternity insurance funds, as well as for inPidual accounts of medical insurance and enterprise supplementary medical insurance, civil servants medical subsidy costs, serious disease medical aids and medical guarantees for special groups; to draft approaches to the city’s social insurance fund audit, collection, payment, operations and management and organise their implementation.
  7. To study and formulate plans and policies for social and normal management and for rural endowment insurance services, and organise their implementation; to formulate fund-raising policies and payment conditions and standards from rural endowment insurance funds, as well as transfer methods for such insurance; to draw up regulations for the management of rural endowment insurance funds; to direct, supervise and inspect the operation of rural endowment insurance agencies in this Province.
  8. To organise the city’s social insurance system; to draw up the city's social insurance fund budget and final accounts; to implement the executive supervision and internal audit of social insurance; to check the internal audit staff qualifications and certification; to formulate the rules for the city's social insurance agencies, to check the qualifications for the fund operating agencies and organise their implementation.
  9. To organise the executive authority, enterprises, and social groups regarding the supplementation of pension and medical insurance policies; to examine relevant institutions to conduct insurance business qualifications.
  10. To organise and coordinate the construction of information networks for labour and social insurance; to undertake  statistical work and provide information regarding the city’s labour and social insurance, and release statistical reports, information material and developmental budgets.
  11. To draft the city’s development plans regarding labour and social insurance, and to formulate, implement, supervise and manage the service network of the city labour and social insurance community.
  12. To manage the city labour and employment service management agencies, social insurance offices, the Department of social labour insurance and the medical insurance fund management centre.
  13. To undertake other tasks assigned by the city government.



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