Changde Bureau of Public Security

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  Add: 68 Jianshe West Road, North of Changde City, 415000
  Tel: 0736-7958000 7958062
  Main Responsibilities:
  The Public Security Bureau is a functional department of the City Government that takes care of public security in Changde. Public security agencies at all levels shall, in accordance with the Pision of labour, perform the following duties according to the law:
  1.To prevent, stop and investigate illegal and criminal activities;
  2.To maintain public order and stop acts that endanger public order in Changde City;
  3.To ensure traffic safety, maintain traffic order, and handle traffic accidents;
  4.To organise, carry out, and supervise fire prevention and control;
  5.To control firearms and ammunition, and keep knives, flammables, explosives, deadly poisons, radioactive materials and other dangerous articles under surveillance;
  6.To administer special trades and professions as proscribed by laws and regulations;
  7.To serve as bodyguards for persons specially designated by the State and protect important venues and facilities;
  8.To keep control of gatherings, processions and demonstrations;
  9.To administer affairs of household registration, citizens' Nationality, entry into and exit from the territory, and foreigners' residence and travel within China;
  10. To supervise and manage the work of protecting the computer information system;
  11. To guide and supervise the work of security in organs of the State, public organisations, enterprises, institutions, and major construction projects; guide mass organisations such as public security committees in their work to maintain public order and prevent crime;
  12.To perform other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.



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