Changde Development and Reform Commission

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  Add: 201 City Bldg.2, Langzhou Road, Changde. 415000
  Tel: 0736—7256208
  Fax: 7223760
  Main Responsibilities:
  1. To draft and organise the implementation of strategies, mid-term and long-term plans, and annual programs for Changde’s economic and social development; to present objectives and policy suggestions for Changde’s economic development and for optimising major economic structures; to make suggestions on utilising various economic tools and policies; to make reports on the economic and social development plan to Changde People’s Congress upon entrustment by the City Government.
  2. To study and analyze the economic situations and developments status at home and abroad, and to provide projections and precautions on the regional economy; to study important issues involving the security of Changde’s economy, provide policy suggestions on macro-economic control, and coordinate the economic and social development in a comprehensive way; to solve relevant major problems in macro-economic operations with relevant departments.
  3. To gather and analyse information on finance, banking and securities, study and implement measures of national fiscal, monetary and other regulatory policies, and coordinate local price policies; to draft and implement macro industrial policies; to supervise and inspect the execution of industrial policies.
  4. To study major issues concerning Changde’s economic restructuring and opening to the outside world, organise the drafting of programs for global economic restructuring, and coordinate reform efforts on relevant special economic systems; to provide suggestions for optimising ownership structures and corporate organisational structures; to promote fair play and co-development among enterprises.
  5. To present Changde's total investment in fixed assets to the wider community, and plan the layouts of major projects and productivity; to arrange the city’s financial funds and specialized funds for construction, guide and supervise the use of the construction funds of foreign loans, and guide and supervise the direction of use of policy-oriented loans.
  6. To promote the strategic adjustment and upgrading of industrial structures; to present development strategies and the planning of key national economic industries; to study and coordinate efforts to handle the relevant major issues concerning agricultural development as well as the economic and social development of rural areas.
  7. To study and present the development strategy, total amount, structure and layout, and policies and measures concerning tertiary industry; to draft and organise the implementation of the development program for tertiary industry, and study the development of tertiary industry at home and abroad; to promote the structural optimisation of tertiary industry and to coordinate development between the primary, secondary and tertiary industry.
  8. To study and analyse the development of regional economies and urbanisation; to present the plans of the coordinated development of regional economies; to coordinate the development of urban, rural and regional areas, and propose strategies, major policies and measures for urbanisation development; to undertake the overall coordination and management of regional economic cooperation.
  9. To study and analyse the market situation at home and abroad, ensure that there is a net balance of important commodities within Changde, and exercise necessary macro-economic control; draft requirement plans for total imports and exports of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials, and supervise their implementation.
  10. To keep Changde’s public services connected with national economic development, including population and birth control, science and technology, education, culture, public health, sports, mass media and the press etc.
  11. To promote a sustainable development strategy, coordinate the harmonious development of man, society and nature; to study and then draft a program on saving and comprehensively utilising resources, participate in the formulation of ecological construction programs, and provide policy suggestions on saving and comprehensively utilising resources.
  12. To study, and propose policies on the promotion of employment, adjusting income distribution, improving the coordinated development of social security and the economy, and coordinating efforts to handle major issues concerning employment, income distribution, and social security.
  13. To draft, or participate in the drafting of relevant administrative laws and regulations concerning national economic and social development, as well as economic restructuring and opening to the outside world, and participate in their implementation.
  14. To administer Changde’s key construction projects.
  15. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the City Party Committee and City Government.



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