General Office of Changde City Government

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  Add: Langzhou South Road, Changde,415000
  Tel: 0736-7156404
  The General Office of Changde City Government is an agency which assists the city leadership in handling daily routines. Its main responsibilities are:
  1. To assist the city leadership in examining and/or organising the drafting of official documents released in the name of the City Government and/or the Office.
  2. To study the problems raised by all departments in the City Government as well as various city districts and counties, and submit proposals to the leadership for approval.
  3. To arrange meetings for the City Government, and assist the city leadership in executing the decisions made in the meetings.
  4. To provide, instructed by the city leadership or for the sake of document-processing, suggestions on settling disputes between departments of the City Government, and report them to the leadership for reference.
  5.To supervise and inspect the execution of the resolutions made in the Government's documents and meetings, as well as important instructions from the leadership of departments of the Provincial Governmen, and to track developments and provide timely reports to the leadership.
  6. To supervise, inspect and guide the government affairs publicity regarding all the city departments as well as various city districts and counties.
  7. To assist the leadership in handling emergencies and major accidents to be dealt with by the City Government.
  8 To collect, sort and transmit important government information, and provide information services to the government leadership; to plan the improvement of office automation at various levels of Changde government, and to provide professional guidance; to edit and publish Changde Political Report, the official organ of the City Government.
  9. To organise relevant departments of the City Government to handle proposals submitted by NPC representatives and CPPCC members.
  10. To arrange duty shifts in the City Government, advise the city leadership of important incidents in a timely manner, and to help handle major issues raised by departments of the City Government and all city districts and counties.
  11. To guide and manage agricultural reclamation in Changde.
  12. To handle administrative affairs, security and reception work in the Government building, and provide assistance to the leadership.
  13. To manage the City Government's representative offices in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Haikou and Xiamen; to manage the City Legislative Affairs Office,  act as a chief manager of the provincial Bureau for Petitions and Appeals, and co-manage radio with the office of the Provincial Radio Management Committee.
  14. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the City Party Committee and City Government.



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