Changde Economy and Technology Development Zone

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  In 1992, Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone was established.
  In 1994, Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone was upgraded to a provincial-level economy and technology development zone.
  In 1997, Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone was determined as one of top six economy and technology development zone of Hunan province.
  In 2000, Changde High-tech Park was established and attracted 13 famous enterprises.
  In 2006, Changde City Government decided to build Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone into the industrial center of Changde and made several favorable policies for it..
  In 2007, Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone contracted 29 projects, with a total investment of RMB 16 billion.
  In 2010, Deshan Economy and Technology Development Zone was upgraded to a national -level economy and technology development zone and renamed Changde Economy and Technology Development Zone.

  There are now more than 300 enterprises in Changde Economy and Technology Development Zone, among which 100 enterprises are scale enterprises. Regional Gross regional product reaches RMB 10 billion and annual revenue RMB 0.5 billion. In mainly includes seven industries: paper industry, food industry, textile industry, new material industry, machinery and electronics industry, medicine industry and feedstuff processing industry.
  It is convenient for transportation, with perfect infrastructure and supporting facilities. A total of 1 billion Yuan has been put into constructing infrastructure since 2001. Two national highways (G207 and G319) run across it. The expressways Changde-Changsha, Changde-Zhangjiajie, and Changde-Jishou (Chongqing) have already been opened to the public. Expressways from Changde to Shaoyang, to Yueyang, and to Jingzhou are under construction. There is quick and easy access to the Changde-Changsha Expressway, and Changsha-Zhangjiajie Expressway. The Shimen-Changsha Railway connecting the Beijing-Guangzhou with Zhicheng (Hubei) - Liuzhou (Guangxi) Railways runs across it. The largest railway freight station (transit cargo 1,200,000 tons/year) along the Shimen-Changsha Railway is located in Deshan. The Yuan River is navigable for kiloton ships all year round. Changde port now has two 500-ton docks and one kiloton-scale container terminal. Deshan port is currently under construction and will provide a great boost with three 1,000-ton berths, five 500-ton berths and 300-ton berths. Changde Economy and Technology Development Zone is equipped with two water plants with their daily water supply capacity reaching 100,000 T and 600,000 T respectively, two 100 ,000 V transformer substations and one 200,000 V transformer substation.

Favorable policies
  Deshan Development Zone will provide enterprises with land and seven ‘supplies’ (supply of water, wastewater discharge facilities, electricity, telecommunication, natural gas, heating apparatus and roads - conditions ripe for further economic development) as well as funding assistance. As for the local enterprise income tax, they will enjoy a preferential tax policy of “two items free and three items reduced” with any other administrative fee free. Newcomer enterprises to the Zone will simply pay two administrative fees for the investment project: a labor insurance fund and a quality supervision fee (1% and 1 ‰ of their construction and installation costs respectively), and other taxes on major projects will vary in accordance with the concerned project after direct negotiation with the parties involved.
  Deshan Development Zone will implement “tranquility-day” management for all the industrial enterprises, which lasts from the 1st -23rd of each month, during which time no administrative functional departments are allowed to interrupt any industrial enterprises in the zone unless asked to or in emergency. All matters concerning administrative management are to be attended to within the last week of each month.


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