Xidongting Administrative District

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  Xidongting Administrative District, named for its location on the west bank of the Dongting Lake, is the modern agricultural demonstration zone, with a rainfall area of 110 square kilometers. It has a population of 42,000. With subtropical humid lake climate, Xidongting has an average annual temperature of 16.5OC, an average annual sunshine of 1793.8 sunshine hours, and an average annual rainfall of 1281.6 mm, 260 frost-free days. In recent years, Xidongting has adjusted energetically the agricultural structure from the grain-and-cotton priority agriculture to the multi-structural agriculture of sugarcane, forestry-paper, cotton, rice, orange, vegetable and pearl culture with their supporting processing industries and enterprises respectively. From the 1960s till now, Xidongting has developed vigorously the industry on the basis of the agriculture. Xidongting has 9 above-scale enterprises among the 19 industrial enterprises. In 2003, the industrial output of the total area reached 2 billion Yuan.
  Xidongting Qingshanhu Natioanal Urban Wetland Park, named by the National Ministry of Construction in 2005, is located in the Xidongting District in east Hanshou County, Hunan Province, with a total area of 35,680 hectares. The wetland is blessed with rich resources including 865 kinds of wetland plants, 207 birds and 114 fishes. Among them, Chinese sturgeon, white crane, grus monacha, etc are the first-grade state protection animals. It is still one of the biggest reed colonies with a reed area of 54,000 hectares. The wild green vegetables growing in the wetland like smallage, Artemisia selengensis, asparagus and polygonum are very tasty and popular. The scenery of the Xidongting wetland with its numerous small islands, water-play programs and legendary landscapes of cultural heritage brings us the wonder of the nature and the long history of the Hunan culture.



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