Xihu Administrative District

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  Xihu Administrative District lies on the west side of the Dongting Lake, at the north corner of Xihu bank in Hanshou County and between the Yuanjiang River and the Li River. It is 65 kilometers away from Changde City proper and covers an area of 70 square kilometers with 54,000-acre arable land. With a population of 43,500, the district governs 6 government offices and one town. The district is characterized by mild climate, adequate heat, abundant rain and distinct seasons. It has an average annual sunshine of 1710 hours, an average annual rainfall of 1274 mm and 275 frost-free days. The eleven lakes and 13 rivers make up an rainwater-collecting area of 110.54 square kilometers, about 165,804.4 acres, of which 7.9 acres are arable land, 10,000 acres orchards, 32,000 acres fast-growing forest bases, 15,000 acres fresh water fishponds, and 10,000 acres other aquaculture. There are 20 public institutions and over 30 enterprises. The climate here is mild and comfortable. It is the best wetland by the Dongting Lake. The densely covered fishponds and prosperous watergrass make it a nice watery place to live in.



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