Liuye Lake Tourism Resort

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  Liuye Lake Tourism Resort was founded in 1994 and was authorized as one of the first national AAA tourism spots in 2001. It is a rare urban recreational tourism spot which unites hills, water, and the city together. The total area is 175 square kilometers in which the watery area accounts for 21.8 square kilometers. The spot governs one township, one sub-district, 32 villages and one garden. It has a population of 52,200, with 44,510 being agricultural and 7,710 nonagricultural.
  The Liuye Lake is an ecological tourism spot with the unity of hills and water. In the lake live various kinds of fishes. The peak of Taiyangshan Mountain at the north lake is 560.5 meters high, the highest in Changde. The Liuye Lake is expected to be an enjoyable tourism resort with clear water, fresh air, wide forests, whispering birds, and fragrant flowers.
  The Liuye Lake also has an advantageous infrastructure. The city government has raised over 400 million Yuan to build a great deal of infrastructure such as Liuye Road, Huanhu Road, Changzhi Road, and a 2500-meter-long water circuit with the international standaRoad The framework of the infrastructure has come into being.



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